Landscaping ROI

Return on Investment With Landscaping

Does landscaping increase home value? Will you get a return on investment with landscaping? Good landscaping can get expensive. Will it be worth it if you choose to sell your home? You have numerous choices to make and consequences to consider when adding landscaping to your home. You need to consider what aligns with your personal taste. Also, if ever sell your home, you need to consider what others will think of your landscaping. In this article, you will learn the answer to these questions:

  • Does landscaping increase home value?
  • How to use a home value estimator to find your approximate home value?
  • How much value can you add to your home through front yard landscaping

Also, we will provide our best ideas for landscaping features that will increase your home value.


Does Landscaping Increase Home Value?

great landscaping

Does landscaping increase home value? YES! Great landscaping can increase your home value. Aesthetic appeal can add to your property. A beautiful exterior attracts buyers while a dreary one will turn them away. The more likely it is for several people to want your home, the more money you can ask for it. Great landscaping makes your property more attractive, increasing home value.


Home Value Estimator

Now that you know the answer to the question, “does landscaping increase home value?” A home value estimator will show you what your home is worth. Use the home value estimator before and after adding your landscaping elements to see the value you have added to your home. It is important to note that online home value estimators will not be as accurate as real estate agents. A real estate agent can go through your home and yard to give you the most accurate home value estimate. Below are three top home value estimators that you can use to predict your return on investment with landscaping.


Chase Home Value Estimator

The Chase Home Value Estimator is simple to use. All you need to do is enter your address to return an estimated value based on the home records in their database. You can adjust values like the number of rooms and bathrooms to account for how future projects will affect your home value.


Zillow Home Value Estimator

Like the Chase Home Value Estimator, receiving an estimate using the Zillow Home Value Estimator is as easy as inputting your address. Zillow does not allow you to adjust for future projects.


Bank of America Home Value Estimator

The Bank of America home value estimator will get back an estimated home value as well as a list of comparable homes and your home value over time. 


How Much Does Landscaping Add to Home Value?

good landscaping

The actual amount of your return on investment for landscaping is harder to quantify. 

Not every landscaping job will have the same return on investment. While few people might find their return on investment with landscaping is 1,000%, that is not the majority. Most will see a much smaller return on investment with landscaping. You are going to need to look at your landscaping choices. On average, great landscaping will get you a 5.5% to 12.7% price advantage over non-landscaped homes.

To get the greatest return on investment with landscaping, you will need to do plan. Landscaping is an art form. Even if you spend $100,000 on a landscaping project, you are not guaranteed a return on investment. With landscaping not everyone has the same taste. Before embarking on an experimental landscaping design, consult a professional

If you plan to sell your home soon, more traditional styles are likely to get a return on investment. Apex advises its clients to invest 10% of the value of your home into landscaping for the greatest return

Consider the architectural style of your home and which landscaping features will complement the architecture. The elements you choose to place in your yard also need to be cohesive. Pieces might be exciting individually, but if the big picture becomes chaotic, you will lose out on money when you sell.

Here are three great ideas to consider adding to your yard to increase your landscaping return.



Beautiful, fully matured plants are always popular. Large trees take time to grow but can increase your return on investment if added to your landscaping. Fill in dead grass and remove weeds. Trim bushes, trees, and shrubs so that they do not crowd walkways and look as neat as possible. This is a simple task that can make your yard look clean and inviting to potential home buyers. The less work a would-be-buyer needs to do, the more money they will be willing to offer you. 


Water Features 

Water features, especially low-maintenance water features, are alluring. They add a calming effect and a sense of elegance to your home. Pond less waterfalls and fountains are two options for low-maintenance water features. These options can increase your return on investment.


Entertainment Spaces

Humans are social creatures. People like to have friends and family over. A space built to accommodate entertaining people is something many homebuyers look for. 


Hire a Professional 

Does landscaping increase your home value if it is low quality or built poorly? Adding expensive features with no plan or on your own for the sake of increasing home value could backfire. A landscape architect can help you map out and follow through on your vision in a way that increases your home value.  The professional landscapers at Apex Landscaping can guide you to features that will work well together and with your property. With beautiful patios, effective lighting, water features, and fire pits. Apex Landscaping can help you design the perfect landscape to get you the greatest return on your investment.

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