How Revamping Your Patio Can Increase Your Home Value

Your front yard is definitely important, as it is the first thing people see when they visit your home. The backyard is even more important because it is an extension of your home. Thinking of your backyard as another area of your home helps you to understand why it is so important to use your outdoor living space to increase your home value. Not only that, you can enjoy more space and have an extension to your home that is comfortable, beautiful, and unique. There are several ways to go about this, but one of the best ways is by constructing a covered outdoor living space

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Covered Outdoor Living Space

One of the best ways to increase your home value is by utilizing your backyard as a living space. There are many ways to go about changing your backyard, but focusing on covered outdoor living space is particularly important. There are many other things you can add to your backyard to increase its value, but a covered area is completely separate from that. When you have a covered area, it is like having another room. You are more comfortable placing furniture there, as it is protected from the elements. You can spend more time there and not be concerned about your own protection from the elements! It is overall a unique and important area to focus on. 

Deck vs. Patio

When it comes to covered outdoor living space, there are really two main options, a deck or a patio. A deck is an actual structure that is lifted off the ground, almost always made of wood. Decks can be covered or uncovered, and are always attached to the house itself. A patio is a paved outdoor area, which does not have to directly touch the house. Paved means that it is made of concrete or brick or other stones. Patios can also be covered or uncovered.

Both a patio and a deck can be designed just about any way you want them to be. They are versatile, and almost every backyard can have a deck or a patio. For uneven or slanted backyards, a deck may be a better choice because you don’t have to level the ground underneath it. For a flat backyard with a door close to the ground, a patio may be ideal. A patio or a deck may be better for your home depending on how the backyard of the home was originally constructed. 

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Extended Patio Ideas

If you already have a patio, or you intend to build one, there are many options for creating one for your space. A patio is great as the paved area can actually create a cooler place for you to spend time. Paved patios are also generally easy to maintain and clean. There are many beautiful patio designs you can create with hardscape, like the addition of steps or retaining walls, tile, and more.

Creating a covered patio can be as easy as purchasing an awning (some are even retractable), or you can have a special roof installed. When building a patio, it is particularly easy to get a roof installed as you can pour the concrete around the legs of the roof portion. Sometimes installing a roof for an already existing patio can be more difficult, depending on the patio. 

Partially Covered Deck Ideas

A deck is very different from a patio, and it has its own advantages. One of the best advantages of decks is that they are raised, meaning that you can avoid most bugs, weeds, and water damages that a patio might have. You can also add a deck without having a perfectly flat backyard. A partially covered deck is a great covered outdoor living space to have.

A deck is arguably the most similar option to an actual extension of your home. Depending on the kind of wood construction you use, it can also be pretty easy to care for and maintain. It is also beautiful and can be created with a lot of functionality in mind. You can also use an awning or build a roof, similar to a patio. Adding a roof to an already-built deck has its challenges just like a patio. Having a well-built deck is truly an incredible way to add value to your home. 

Increase Your Home Value 

There are a few important things to take into consideration when you are redesigning your outdoor living space specifically for the purpose of increasing your home value. One is that creating an outdoor living space of value requires design. Placing a few planks on the ground technically creates a deck, but it isn’t a valuable one. Often people build their own decks or patios and end up spending more money to repair the issues with them.

Creating a well-built deck or patio will make your home more valuable to you, but also to the next owners, as it will last longer and hopefully not cause any problems for them. It’s also important to get a deck or patio that you will maintain. If you purchase wood for your deck that needs to be power washed every year to avoid decay, make sure you power wash it every year. Increasing your home’s value is all about focusing on what will beautify your yard, create functionality, and withstand the elements and time. 

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How to Revamp Your Backyard

If you are looking for extended patio ideas, partially covered deck ideas, and other ways to make your yard better, contact us for a yard design consultation. There are so many ways to use your space and make your backyard the best possible place it can be. There are also payment options available, so you can create your ideal backyard now! Your covered outdoor living space adds so much value to your home, so creating a place you want to spend time and utilize is just another way to add value to your home not just for selling it, but for enjoying it as well. 

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