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Reliable Commercial Snow Removal Services for the Chicagoland Area

Commercial Snow Removal

Apex Landscaping Inc. provides commercial snow management services for businesses across Chicagoland and southern Wisconsin. We offer 24/7 emergency services. Our team supplies quick, dependable, and reliable snow management services. Snow can be a challenge for any business. Apex Landscaping has more than 30 years of professional snow removal experience to help make the upcoming winter season stress-free for you. We manage the snow and ice, so you can focus on running your business. From Chicago snow removal services to Wisconsin commercial snow plowing, we do it all. Our team has you covered before, during, and after every major snow event.

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Commercial Snow & Ice Removal Services for Chicagoland and Southern Wisconsin

Apex Landscaping offers comprehensive snow and ice management solutions with 24/7 emergency service. Winter is right around the corner, and it’s time to plan. On average, the Chicago area gets more than 35 inches of snowfall every winter. Do you have a winter weather preparation plan for your business? When the snow flies and the ice arrives, we work tirelessly to ensure your commercial property always remains as safe as possible.  Whether you need any of these services: 

  • Commercial parking lots cleared, 
  • Community roads and driveways plowed, 
  • Walkways large and small shoveled, 
  • De-icers applied, 

Apex Landscaping has the equipment needed and the experience necessary to handle the job. In addition to our commercial snow management services, we also have all the other winter landscaping tips you need to keep your property in pristine condition.

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Benefits of Commercial Snow Removal Services for Your Business

There are several benefits to hiring Apex Landscaping for all of your commercial snow and ice management needs this winter: 


Increased Safety

Snow and ice are much more than just annoying. They can be dangerous. Not only are snow and ice hazardous for customers who are visiting your business, but it is also dangerous for the person doing the snow removal. According to the American Heart Association, snow shoveling can bring on a heart attack. Don’t risk injury or harm by lifting a shovel yourself and hurting your back trying to clear a large commercial property.


Professional Equipment

Apex Landscaping has all the necessary professional snow removal equipment to clear your commercial property. All of our snow removal services are performed by our own staff and using our own state-of-the-art snow removal equipment. 

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Decrease Liability

As a commercial property owner, you might be held accountable for any accidents that happen on your property during inclement weather. For example, you could be liable for a slip-and-fall accident on snow and ice. And some municipalities even charge property owners who do not promptly and properly remove snow from their parking lots and driveways. Professional snow removal services minimize your risk and liability during the winter months. 


Open on Time 

An overnight snowfall can threaten to keep your business from opening on time the next morning. We know that you don’t want a heavy snowfall to stop customers from visiting your business (especially during the busy holiday season.) That is why we work to make it possible to keep your business open, even during the worst winter weather.



As a local business owner ourselves, we know that you have a multitude of other things on your mind and other tasks that need to be handled. You do not need to spend extra time and energy clearing your parking lot and sidewalks after a snowstorm. Hiring a professional snow removal service will be much more convenient and save you the time and energy of having to handle it yourself.


Client Satisfaction

Apex Landscaping places a strong emphasis on ensuring client satisfaction during snow-clearing operations by providing a comprehensive solution designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

From the onset of a snowstorm until its conclusion, dedicated teams are deployed to clear efficiently and salt driveways, sidewalks, and entrances under the coordination of our proficient central Snow Command hub.

Clients can rest assured that any issues or concerns can be promptly addressed by their designated client representative. The company diligently maintains its equipment to ensure operational readiness for any weather conditions and utilizes specialty plows tailored for various driveway surface materials such as brick, stone, or other composites to protect clients' properties. 

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We Handle the Snow, So You Don’t Have To

Our team uses multiple third-party professional weather services to constantly monitor forecasts and conditions, so you don’t have to. We keep hundreds of vehicles in top condition, many prepositioned in locations throughout the region for quick and dependable dispatching. Employees are constantly notified of the ever-changing weather to ensure complete staffing and reliable service to our clients. Our team will help you maximize your commercial winter landscape.

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Commercial Snow Plowing

You need our commercial snow services if you have a commercial parking lot. If your customers can’t park at your business due to snow, how can they come in and shop or do their business?


Apex Landscaping Snow Equipment

Apex Landscaping utilizes top-quality equipment to maintain your property during winter weather effectively. Our specialized equipment includes plows designed for various driveway surfaces such as brick, stone, and other composite materials. Rest assured that we are prepared for any snow removal needs that may arise, ensuring your property is well taken care of.


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Apex Landscaping’s Commercial Snow Services

Apex Landscaping offers all the snow management services you need to keep your property in great shape all winter. Our commercial snow services include: 

  • Snow Plowing
  • Shoveling
  • De-Icing Services
  • Snow Relocating and Snow Hauling

Our dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch care for your property, working tirelessly to maintain clear pathways and safe surroundings during snowy conditions. At Apex Landscaping, we prioritize client satisfaction, and our expert staff is always available to address any concerns or issues promptly. Trust us to handle all your snow management needs with efficiency and professionalism.

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How Our Chicago Snow Removal Services Work

Proper planning, employee training, and constant communication make our commercial snow and ice management services unparalleled in the Chicago area! An Apex Landscaping Client Representative meets with you before the winter season to discuss the unique needs of your property. Detailed site maps with specific service notes are then provided to all crews on every site. Our “Weather Alert Emails” keep you informed of any forecasted winter weather events and our strategy to handle every storm.

To begin the process, clients simply need to contact their Client Representative to receive a personalized snow clearing quote, thereby guaranteeing that they can navigate to and from their property safely and with peace of mind when faced with winter weather challenges.

Why Choose Apex Landscaping for Commercial Snow Management 

Don’t leave snow management services on your winter to-do list and wait until it’s too late! Apex Landscaping offers the best professional commercial snow management services in the Chicago area. Our Snow & Ice Management services are counted on by property managers and business owners throughout Chicagoland that need dependable and exceptional service to maintain a safe and accessible property throughout any winter weather event. Our equipment is GPS-monitored, providing us with the ability to provide the current location and timing information on demand. Apex Landscaping only uses commercial-grade snow-fighting equipment and our staff is trained to operate to achieve efficient results, so your property remains open and safe, even during the harshest snow and winter storms in Chicago.

If you are stuck inside, call for Snow Management. Our dedicated team is here to assist you promptly and efficiently with any snow-related concerns you may have. Simply reach out to our Client Representative, who will guide you through the process of accessing our snow clearing services. We understand the importance of ensuring your property remains accessible during snowy conditions, and we are committed to providing you with the support you need to navigate safely.

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Snow Removal Services for Chicagoland and Southeastern Wisconsin

We offer expert snow removal services in the following areas:

  • Northern Illinois
  • Southern Wisconsin
  • Chicagoland
  • Cook County, IL
  • Lake County, IL
  • McHenry County, IL
  • Kenosha County, WI

Our dedicated team at Apex Landscaping ensures that your driveways, walks, and entrances are meticulously cleared and salted during snowstorms. In addition to our standard services, we provide specialty plows designed for various driveway composites like brick, stone, and others. Count on our reliable teams to be on the job from the start of each storm until the end, all coordinated seamlessly by our expert central Snow Command hub


People Love Our Prices

"Hi! On behalf of everyone, I want to say thank you and great job with handling the snowstorm and ice control last night and into the majority of today. I've received several comments from homeowners raving about the great quality of the work, the smart management of the snow piles, and not needing to worry about access to doors and garages. Outstanding work on the entire property!

Please be sure to pass along this commendation to everyone on the crew who were on site throughout the storm and clean up throughout the day, it's very well deserved recognition for a job well done!

Thanks again for everything you and your staff do for us, we all appreciate it!"

— Ted B

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