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Patio Ideas

Top Patio Ideas for 2024

By Apex Landscaping | January 29, 2024

Get ready for top patio ideas for 2024! Have you ever considered the importance of beautifully crafted patios in your outdoor living space? Imagine sipping your morning coffee and bathing in a gentle sunrise on your elegantly designed patio. Or entertaining friends under a starlit sky, surrounded by stylish outdoor furniture, all from the comfort…

Outdoor Hardscape Ideas: Transforming Your Exterior Spaces

By Apex Landscaping | January 11, 2024

Let’s talk about outdoor hardscape ideas. Imagine transforming your exterior spaces into beautiful, functional, and inviting zones. Inviting friends over for a backyard barbecue. The hardscape serves as a stunning backdrop. Or, think about unwinding in the solitude of an outdoor patio. It’s designed with your favorite hardscape features. This is the power of outdoor…

Apex-Landscaping-Outdoor Spaces - Barrington

The Power of Landscape Design – Transforming Your Barrington Home into Nature’s Symphony

By Apex Landscaping | November 1, 2023

Unsure what landscape design can offer your home in Barrington?   Well, welcome to the world of landscape design! Creativity meets nature in a harmonious symphony of colors, textures, and styles. This is where your Barrington home could take on a new dimension of beauty and functionality. Landscape design is not only about planting a…

Patio Pavers Fire Pit

Transforming Outdoor Living Spaces with Patio Pavers

By Apex Landscaping | October 15, 2023

Patio Pavers are the perfect solution to your outdoor decor woes.   So, you’ve been staring at your outdoor living space, wondering how to transform it into a paradise in your backyard. Well, the answer is simple. Patio Pavers. These landscaping game-changers can turn your outdoor space from plain and boring to chic and inviting.…

Outdoor Living Space Lake Forest

Revamp Your Outdoor Living Spaces in Lake Forest

By Apex Landscaping | October 13, 2023

Welcome to Lake Forest, IL, known for its captivating outdoor living spaces. A town where the love for nature and refined taste in landscape design blend in a harmonious symphony. A village with countless lush green neighborhoods. A city where beautiful outdoor living spaces dot every home. These spaces aren’t just about aesthetics. They serve…

Commercial Snow Plowing Apex Landscaping Lake County, IL

Commercial Snow Plowing Turns Winter Storms into a Breeze!

By Apex Landscaping | September 22, 2023

What exactly is commercial snow plowing? It’s a service provided by companies like Apex Landscaping. They clear snow from commercial areas. This includes parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and other public spaces. The goal is to ensure safety and accessibility for everyone.   Commercial snow plowing isn’t merely pushing snow around with a big truck. It’s…

Fall Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Care

By Apex Landscaping | September 14, 2023

Fall lawn care sets the stage for your lawn to look amazing the following year.   You’ve enjoyed your vibrant, lush lawn all summer. As the leaves begin to change, you might think it’s time to put your lawnmower to rest. Not so fast! Autumn is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the…

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Maximizing Value with Commercial Landscape Maintenance

By Apex Landscaping | September 7, 2023

You might be wondering why commercial landscape maintenance is so important. The answer is simple. A well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing landscape portrays your business in a positive light. It also creates an inviting environment for everyone who visits your property. It is the silent ambassador of your business.   When you think about your business,…

Apex Landcaping Commercial Snow Removal Services - Lake County, IL

Weathering the Storm: How Commercial Snow Removal Services Protects Your Business

By Apex Landscaping | August 25, 2023

Commercial snow removal services ensure businesses keep running, regardless of the harsh weather conditions. In the heart of winter, business operations can become challenging due to heavy snowfall. Commercial snow removal services not only clear parking lots and pathways. They also ensure the safety of employees and customers. This article is the ultimate guide to…

Apex Landscaping Winter-Proofing Commercial Landscapes

Winter-Proofing Commercial Landscapes

By Apex Landscaping | August 17, 2023

Winter-proofing commercial landscapes is a must to effectively transition their landscapes during the winter months. The professionals at Apex Landscaping, a premiere commercial landscaping service, understand this transition. Located in Lake County, IL, they are here to guide you through it. This guide will give you the knowledge and tools to prepare for the harsh…

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“We could not have been happier with the work that Apex Landscaping did on our new construction home. Mike and team, including the crews, provide top-notch service, deliver top-quality product and care about their customers. The bluestone patios, driveway designs, outdoor lighting, plantings/beds were designed to fit our new home and blend perfectly with the surrounding neighborhood. Apex truly is a full-service provider that delivers on their promise - before, during and after the project. Easy to work with and a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended.”

— June 2019, Brad H.

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