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Do you have questions about your landscape that you can’t seem to find the answers to? Search through our blog today and you just might find what you are looking for. And, if you have additional questions, we are available to speak at any time. Choose to work with Apex Landscaping and your questions will always be answered.

Perfect Paver Pairings

By Apex Landscaping | January 21, 2022

  Perfect Paver Pairings   Pavers are quickly becoming a popular installation for many homes. This is due in large part to the fact that they are durable, easy to customize, do not require a lot of upkeep, and add a certain aesthetic value to the area. They come in a wide variety of colors,…

Landscaping: An Investment that Keeps on Growing

By Apex Landscaping | January 14, 2022

    Landscaping: An Investment that Keeps on Growing   With the New Year underway, it is time to take a look at things that we value and prioritize. It is also a great time to evaluate your home landscape and how you can make it work best for you. Did you know that keeping…

Apex’s Key to Success: Taking Care of Every Client

By Apex Landscaping | January 7, 2022

  Apex’s Key to Success: Taking Care of Every Client Now that the temperatures make the soil too cold to plant, the grass has stopped growing for the season, and the snow fills our yards, Apex will take this opportunity to evaluate and reassess the past season, prioritizing and tweaking procedures and processes we will…

Maximize your Winter Landscape with these 5 Landscape Design Ideas

By Apex Landscaping | January 1, 2022

    Maximize your Winter Landscape with these 5 Landscape Design Ideas   No matter the season, you want your landscape to look impressive. During a Chicago winter, though, it is tough to keep this impressive look going. The gray skies, dreary cold days, and unpredictable snowfall prove challenging to someone who wants to keep…

Winter is here…almost

By Apex Landscaping | December 10, 2021

    Our last blog talked about where you can find Apex and what we are doing to prepare for the winter. We have not forgotten about you. Here are 4 tips that you can be doing at home to help your landscape and trees be ready for the winter and prepared for the spring!  …

December Winter Prep

By Apex Landscaping | November 30, 2021

  December Winter Prep and Thinking Ahead to Spring Prepare your landscape for the Chicago-area winter. We all need to prepare for the cold, harsh conditions winter brings. Apex is here to share some of the ways we get our clients’ yards ready: When the weather starts to get cold, one of the last things…

November 2021 Newsletter

By Apex Landscaping | November 5, 2021

Ready For Snow! Last month, we started getting ready for our upcoming snow season. We kicked it off with our yearly snow meeting where we went over snow and equipment safety. Our meeting provided hands-on demonstrations with our newest equipment and other company policies. We are excited and ready for the new snow season to…

Before and After

By Apex Landscaping | October 1, 2021

Our client wanted the perfect place to spend time with family and friends, an outdoor space they could use to entertain. With the help of the design and build team here at Apex Landscaping, we were able to give them just that.  The before and after pictures of this landscape transformation are remarkable, to say the least. …

Finished Design and Built Projects

By Apex Landscaping | September 2, 2021

New landscaping design in Northbrook, IL recently completed this summer. This job included a full paved patio with a built-in pergola and a gas fire pit with retaining walls. These two separate, but cohesive elements, created a great balance in our client’s new outdoor living space.     Our second landscape design was done over…

How to Maximize Your Yard

By Apex Landscaping | August 19, 2021

Embrace your surrounding scenery: Maximizing the scenery you already have in your yard will make it feel much larger. To do this, you’ll want to use similar plants and trees that blend in with the existing landscaping. If you have plants visible from your neighbor’s yard, you can also incorporate them into your own landscape.…

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“We could not have been happier with the work that Apex Landscaping did on our new construction home. Mike and team, including the crews, provide top-notch service, deliver top-quality product and care about their customers. The bluestone patios, driveway designs, outdoor lighting, plantings/beds were designed to fit our new home and blend perfectly with the surrounding neighborhood. Apex truly is a full-service provider that delivers on their promise - before, during and after the project. Easy to work with and a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended.”

— June 2019, Brad H.

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