Commercial Landscaping Services

Commercial Landscape Maintenance, HOA Maintenance, and Local Government Maintenance in the Chicagoland Area

Commercial Landscape Services

At Apex Landscaping, we are thrilled to be your go-to full-service Commercial landscape service company in the Chicagoland Area. Our mission is to provide exceptional commercial landscaping services tailored to the specific needs of homeowner associations (HOAs), municipalities, and commercial properties. We take immense pride in our ability to transform outdoor spaces into breathtaking landscapes that truly stand out. From meticulous lawn maintenance to innovative garden designs, our experienced team is dedicated to delivering outstanding results that exceed expectations. With our attention to detail and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Apex Landscaping is the trusted partner you can rely on for all your commercial landscaping needs. Choose us to bring beauty and functionality to your commercial or municipal property in the Chicagoland Area.
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HOA Services

We are proud to offer exceptional HOA landscaping services in the greater Chicagoland area.

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Municipal Services

Apex Landscaping excels in providing top-tier commercial landscaping services tailored for municipalities.


Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your business maintains a pristine appearance throughout the year. From lawn mowing to flower bed maintenance, we create vibrant and captivating landscapes that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. With our expertise in horticulture and industry-leading techniques, we guarantee healthy plants and thriving outdoor spaces.   Apex Landscaping's Commercial landscape services are holistic and we want to work with your business as a partner.  Ensuring that we present your business exactly how you envision it.

Snow Management Services - Apex Landscaping
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Commercial Snow Management

Apex Landscaping has established ourselves as a reliable and trusted partner for businesses and organizations seeking top-tier snow removal solutions. Our team comprises a dedicated group of professionals, including skilled snow plow operators, experienced salt truck operators, and diligent snow shovelers. Their expertise is matched only by their unwavering commitment to ensuring safe and accessible environments during harsh winter conditions. With their collective efforts, we possess an abundance of resources and manpower, allowing us to efficiently handle any scale of snow removal operation.  Apex Landscaping's Commercial Landscape Services are year-round, and our snow removal services are 24/7.


Commercial Landscape Enhancements

At Apex Landscaping, we not only prioritize the functional aspects of landscaping but also recognize the significance of creating an inviting and visually stunning environment for your business. We understand that a well-designed commercial landscape can leave a lasting impression on your customers and enhance your brand image. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, whether it's adding striking focal points that capture attention, installing eye-catching water features that create a sense of tranquility, or creating functional outdoor gathering areas that promote engagement and social interaction. We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail and our unwavering commitment to quality. With our wide range of enhancements and personalized approach, we can transform your business's outdoor space into a captivating oasis that reflects your unique style and leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.  Apex Landscaping's commercial landscape services provides your business with all its needs year round.

HOA Landscaping and Snow Removal Services

We are proud to offer exceptional HOA landscaping services in the greater Chicagoland area. Our skilled team is dedicated to transforming community spaces into stunning landscapes that captivate and inspire. From meticulously manicured lawns to vibrant flowerbeds and state of the art enhancements, we bring expertise and attention to detail to every project.

HOA Landscaping Maintenance

Apex Landscaping specializes in HOA lawn maintenance services. Our dedicated team ensures that community lawns are expertly cared for, with regular mowing, trimming, and edging. We strive to create lush and well-manicured lawns that enhance the beauty of HOA properties and provide a welcoming environment for residents.


HOA Snow and Ice Removal Services

At Apex Landscaping, we understand the unique challenges that winter weather brings to Homeowners Associations (HOAs). That's why we offer exceptional snow and ice removal services tailored specifically for HOAs. Our experienced team is equipped with advanced snow removal equipment and follows efficient protocols to ensure prompt and thorough clearing of snow and ice from roads, sidewalks, driveways, and common areas. We prioritize the safety and accessibility of your community, working diligently to minimize any disruptions caused by winter weather. With Apex Landscaping, you can rely on our reliable and comprehensive snow and ice removal services to keep your HOA community safe and functional throughout the winter season.

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Commercial Landscape for Municipalities

Apex Landscaping excels in providing top-tier commercial landscaping services tailored for municipalities. Our skilled team meticulously crafts captivating and meticulously maintained landscapes that elevate public spaces. From parks and recreational areas to streetscapes and municipal buildings, we take immense pride in enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of these vital community areas.


Tree Services for Municipalities

Apex Landscaping specializes in comprehensive tree services for municipalities. Our team is experienced in tree pruning, removal, and maintenance to ensure the safety, health, and aesthetics of public spaces. From assessing tree health to executing strategic pruning or tree removal, we prioritize the well-being of the urban forest and the community it serves. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we help municipalities maintain beautiful and sustainable tree landscapes for the benefit of their residents.

Apex Landscaping works with over 45 local municipalities in planting their trees annually.  We plant in excess of 12,000 trees across the Chicagoland area for municipalities of all sizes.


Landscaping Maintenance Services for Municipalities

At Apex Landscaping, we specialize in providing meticulous maintenance services tailored specifically for municipalities. Our dedicated team excels in lawn cutting, edging, mulching, and planting to keep public spaces looking their best. We understand the importance of maintaining pristine landscapes that create a positive impression for residents and visitors alike. Our experts employ state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure precise cuts, clean edges, and healthy plantings. Additionally, we offer comprehensive mulching services that not only enhance the aesthetics but also provide vital benefits such as moisture retention and weed suppression. With Apex Landscaping, you can trust that your municipality's maintenance needs are in capable hands, delivering results that exceed expectations.

Plant Health Care Commercial Lawn Care Services

Apex Landscaping offers customized Plant Health Care services for commercial properties, including precise lawn fertilization and targeted weed control. With our expertise, we create vibrant and well-maintained landscapes that leave a positive impression on clients and visitors. Trust us to enhance the beauty and health of your commercial property.

What Are Some of The Benefits To Our Plant Health Care Program?

Fertilizing your lawn and implementing weed control measures offer several benefits. By fertilizing your lawn, you provide essential nutrients that promote growth, root development, and overall health. This results in a lush, vibrant appearance and improved resistance to disease and stress. Additionally, weed control measures help maintain a clean and pristine lawn by suppressing the growth and spread of unwanted plants. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also reduces competition for resources with your lawn, leading to healthier and more resilient grass. Overall, these practices save you time and effort in lawn maintenance while increasing the value and beauty of your property.


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“Apex is a wonderful company to work with. They are always competitive with their pricing, but more importantly, communicative and responsive! It certainly makes the project easier! I would recommend that you reach out to them for your lawn and snow management needs. You won't be disappointed!”

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