Winter is here…almost



Our last blog talked about where you can find Apex and what we are doing to prepare for the winter. We have not forgotten about you. Here are 4 tips that you can be doing at home to help your landscape and trees be ready for the winter and prepared for the spring!  

Continue watering

This may sound silly, with the cold weather upon us. Or you might even think that your trees hibernate all winter long. However, watering shrubs and trees and even turf where needed will help keep your plants hydrated and healthy. Water plants when the leaves have fallen to send them into winter with adequate soil moisture.  This will also help prevent many issues such as increases in susceptibility to diseases. So if temperatures are above 40 degrees go ahead and water away! Evergreens, especially, can get thirsty in the winter. That is one of the reasons you might see brown needles on your evergreen, so put them at the top of your watering list! Oh, and do not forget once the weather says it is time, make sure you disconnect your hose from the spigot to prevent freezing. 

Keep Raking

Here’s the idea behind raking leaves: If left to sit the entire winter, they will turn into a mildewy mush that will smother your grass and keep it from growing back strong next spring. Rake debris on turf as you need – any plant debris left on turf when mixed with snow will create an environment for mold and fungus growth, particularly where leaves accumulate. Avoid damage from the extra leaves this upcoming spring and start raking before it is too late! 

Tree wrapping

Have you ever seen trees look this way, and wonder why? Before you wrap your Christmas presents, it is smart to wrap any younger trees with younger bark that are exposed to the sun. This will help control frost and prevent sunscald while also protecting the tree from wildlife. What is sunscald? Sunscald, also known as southwest injury, occurs during late winter and early spring when the tree bark is exposed to cold or freezing temperatures. When the sun comes out and heats up the bark activating tree cells, breaking dormancy. Tree wraps are made from breathable material such as burlap that does not adhere to the tree. Tree wrapping is an effective way to preserve your trees’ health in their youth. 


Fertilize lawns

The secret to having a remarkable lawn next year depends on if your grass absorbs and stores nutrients all the way up until the ground freezes. So, before the ground freezes make sure you have applied your winter fertilizer which will help your lawn in the spring to grow rich and green. Winterizer contains high levels of nitrogen to promote the build-up and storage of carbohydrates before the ground freezes. This nitrogen is on the reserve during the winter months, ready to go when the soil thaws and spring growth begins. Winterizer fertilizer also contains more potassium than regular fertilizer.

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