Winter To-Do List: Plan your New Backyard Landscape


Winter To-Do List: Plan your New Backyard Landscape

Winter in Chicago definitely puts a damper on a lot of our outdoor plans, but it does not have to stop you from planning the backyard landscape of your dreams. While you are cooped up inside hiding from the frigid temps, you can take advantage and plan your ideal backyard. Planning, identifying architectural opportunities, and laying out the design for your yard can take place all winter long. 

What is Your Ideal Backyard Landscape?

When you envision your ideal backyard landscape, you want to make sure you have a realistic idea of the measurements of space you have to work with. Once you know how much space you truly have, it is time to start dreaming away! Is there something you have seen in someone else’s yard that you have always wanted in yours? Is there a specific way you want to space your yard or repurpose a certain area of the yard? Is there a specific flow you want to the space? Working with a contractor at Apex can certainly help guide you with measurements and making suggestions based on your visions. 

Identify Architectural Opportunities

Have you been wanting a sculpture in your yard? A water feature? Seating or archways? Oftentimes people do not think about incorporating architectural designs into their backyard landscape but it is a missed opportunity. Adding in some architectural structures can completely transform your backyard space. Ask an Apex designer about architectural possibilities for your backyard landscape. 


Lay Out Your Dream Landscape

Once you have decided on the features you want in your backyard, lay it all out! You can draw it out or have an Apex designer draw you up a 3D image to show you your future landscape. You can edit the design to move flowerbeds, plants, trees, and shrubs. If you want to add in an architectural design, you can see it come alive. You can even play with different color schemes among the plants. 

Make Your Dream a Reality

Don’t think you need to wait for spring to arrive before you can start making your backyard dreams come true. With bearable temperatures and no snow, plotting the design and clearing spaces can still occur. Plus, designers typically have more hours during the wintertime and can give you more time and attention. 


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