6 Small Backyard Ideas to Make Your Yard Appear Larger


1. Create a focal point

Whether your space is big or small, creating a focal point is ideal. For smaller spaces, your focal point should be framed out and defined. This is important because it adds depth, which can ‘trick’ the eye and make areas look bigger. This can be accomplished by adding in a pergola, some shrubs, and/or small trees to help draw attention to where you want.


backyard pergola


2. Consider adding in a fire pit

A fire pit is a great way to draw attention to a central point in your yard. Make sure to find one that best fits your space, and works with other furniture. It also is a great way to bring your family, friends, and loved ones together in your yard.


stone fire pit


3. Garden Vertically/ hanging plants

If you have a restricted area to work with, don’t be afraid to be creative with your garden. Depending on the available layout, you can always try to garden vertically with perhaps a plant wall, or maybe add in some hanging plants. Both options will also free up your floor space, which will give the appearance of a larger area and give you more room. Vertical gardens and hanging plants are great for drawing attention to a particular subject, or even hiding something from view, and can bring great dimension to any space.


Vertical garden


4. Incorporate textures

Even outside, the goal is to try to always be incorporating textures into an area. To add textures to your yard, you want to turn to your garden areas. This can easily be done by adding different sizes, colors, and shapes of leaves and blossoms together. Ultimately, you want to find the perfect mix of plants that works for your space (and you!)




5. Light up your yard

When enhancing any small space, try to think bright and airy. The same goes with a yard. The best way to do that is to light it up! Some ways you can do this is to add in light fixtures and incorporate them into your landscape, which will bring depth to your yard, and also adds a layering effect. Another way you can do this is by adding hardscape lighting to any part of your yard: stairs, decks, retaining walls, and walkways.



6. Play up your sideyard

Side yards are often ignored when it comes to gardening. Play up your side space by adding flowers along the side of your house, or maybe add a pathway to your backyard. This will not only create more depth with your yard, but will also bring it all together, making it appear larger.



The goal for any space is to make sure it’s right for you. You can get your dream yard no matter the size, and Apex Landscaping has years of experience in doing just that! Let one of our experts help you make the most of your outdoor space!

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