Chicagoland Snow Removal


Snow Removal in Chicagoland

When the snow begins piling up throughout your outdoor spaces, you could be looking at hours of shoveling and de-icing. In areas in and around Chicago, where the average annual snowfall is around 37 inches, how quickly and efficiently you are able to transport and remove snow and ice throughout your residential or commercial property can have some big impacts on your revenue and returns on investment. A snow removal service can help you prevent time lost and a variety of injuries. In this article, we’ll discuss snow removal in Chicagoland, including what snow removal services are, and the top benefits of using Chicago snow removal services near you.


What Are Snow Removal Services?

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When temperatures drop again and heavy blankets of snow fill the outdoor spaces of your residential or commercial property, shoveling snow and de-icing become routine tasks. While property owners can take on this back-breaking work themselves, there’s also a significant risk of injury in doing so. To accommodate a busy schedule and avoid a variety of personal injuries, you can instead hire a snow removal service. Professional snow removal companies have the right equipment, experience, and knowledge to get your snow and ice removal and maintenance tasks done right the first time, and every time in the future when you need their quality services.


A professional snow removal service uses various snow plowing techniques and specialized equipment to clear walkways, entrances, and parking lots efficiently and safely. They use specific tools, including skid-steer loaders, traditional plows, and snowblowers, among other equipment. Some common snow removal services include snow shoveling, emergency ice or snow removal, snow plowing, and snow hauling. Depending on the situation and level of severity, a professional snow removal company is the best option, especially in emergency situations. Emergencies can include a storm, which can cause roof collapses or indoor leaks.


Benefits of Chicago Snow Removal Services

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Even if your snow and ice removal needs lie outside of emergency scenarios or situations that require more specialized equipment, there are still a large number of significant benefits to hiring snow removal services in your area. For Chicago snow removal services, the benefits of using a company like Apex Landscaping include enjoying the results of specialized equipment, saving a great deal of time, coping with and combatting personal or customer injuries, more convenient snow and ice removal, a greater amount of cost savings, fewer health risks to all involved parties, and the highest quality results for your outdoor spaces.



Specialized Equipment

With a professional snow removal company, you receive the benefits of specialized equipment to suit your needs. Whether you need your driveway, parking lot, walkways, or community roads cleared, Apex Landscaping has all the equipment needed to get the job done right and provide you with the highest quality plowing, de-icing, and removal results. This benefit is even greater if you wouldn’t otherwise have the access or the experience to use more specialized equipment to satisfy all of your snow and ice removal and maintenance needs.


Time Savings

A professional company using specialized equipment also means you save time in a variety of ways. You save time otherwise plowing, de-icing, and removing snow and ice yourself. You also save time clearing your outdoor spaces with more specialized equipment, which can work faster and more efficiently. Specialized equipment combined with specialized, experienced professionals means you save even more time getting the various tasks done as experienced professionals know how to quickly plow, de-ice, and remove snow and ice from many spaces.


Fewer Injuries

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Each year, people are seriously injured or even killed while performing various snow and ice removal tasks around structures, decks, and rooftops. Often people climb directly onto building roofs and other structures while using certain equipment, such as snow rakes, snow blowers, shovels, and ladders, among others. Snow removal can also occur under extreme weather conditions. Without proper training and experience to work quickly and safely under these conditions, people can sustain a range of injuries that a professional can otherwise prevent.



More Convenience

Among all of the things you can have on your plate every day, the last thing you want to do is pick up a scraper, shovel, or other equipment and take on the various winter maintenance tasks to maintain your property. Fortunately, you can save a great deal of your energy by simply calling a professional snow removal service. The only energy you may have to expend is in contacting the service itself. After that, you can sit back and enjoy the increased convenience of snow and ice removal done for you. This convenience is especially handy during emergencies.


Cost Savings

Snow and ice removal can cost a significant amount of money in a variety of ways. Without a professional service, you’re looking at the costs of equipment, time, revenue, and even medical costs and lawsuits for any injuries or losses of life on your property. Large buildups of snow around your outdoor spaces can pose serious health hazards to you and others and can lead to falls and slips. Snow can also camouflage black ice patches. Instead of costing yourself significant money, save money and protect your valuable investments with a removal service.


Quality Results

With a professional service, you can receive the highest quality results for your outdoor spaces. When removing snow and ice from your outdoor spaces, you can produce relatively decent results on your own, but those results usually pale compared to the results you can receive from a professional landscaping company. For instance, if you were doing the removal, you would likely use a standard snow shovel instead of a plow. A snow shovel usually leaves a bottom layer of snow that’s not easily removed. A snow plow removes everything.


The Best Snow Removal in Chicagoland

When considering how to remove snow and ice from your residential or commercial landscape, you want the best equipment, convenience, savings, and results. For the best snow removal in Chicagoland, connect with Apex Landscaping today.

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