What Landscaping Features Are Desirable In The Housing Market?

With today’s housing market in flux, people are starting to worry about selling their homes for a good price. So, when selling a home, what are things that increase home value? One of the most important features of your home is having a good yard. Not only does a beautiful yard attract buyers, but it also adds to your overall home price and sets your home apart from other choices. Some people even buy a house for the yard alone, as they plan on redoing the interior of the home. If you have a large yard, that doesn’t always make it a good yard. 

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A Good Yard

Creating the ideal yard takes work, but it also can make your home’s property value go up significantly. Several things make a good yard. Utilizing your space, creating a good yard design, and ensuring that your yard is functional make it even more valuable. 

Use Your Space

In today’s housing market, it isn’t enough to just have a large yard. If you have a small yard but it is beautiful, this makes a big difference. If you have a large yard but the space is poorly used, you may find your buyers looking elsewhere. Creating a beautiful and functional yard is key to using your space wisely. If you have a big yard, the options are limitless. Adding features like a pergola, a water feature, a fire pit, garden boxes, or even a playground can make your home much more desirable. 

Yard Design

A good yard is a beautiful yard. Not only should your yard be clean and presentable, but it should also have paths, plants, and features that make it pop. Usually, your front yard should be designed to show off your home. Your backyard can be more functional, but it should still be beautiful. Yard design includes elements like decorative stone, trees, shrubs, flowers, and other things to beautify it. If you’re asking what makes property value increase, in many ways, it has to do with what will make it look better and more aesthetic. 

Yard Safety

Unfortunately, just having a beautiful yard doesn’t matter if your home can’t pass inspection. Making sure that your yard is free of swampy areas, drains well, and is free of other hazards is another important part of things that increase home value. If you have a beautiful yard but every time it rains, water leaks into your basement, you have a problem. Making sure that your lawn is aerated, your flowers and plants are properly watered, and your sprinkler systems are functional is part of making your yard last. Even if you aren’t selling your home, these things are important to check and care for. 

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Things That Increase Home Value

If your yard is nice and functional, but you want to know what makes property value increase, there are many things you can do to make your home more desirable. 


While lighting isn’t often viewed as important when looking at a yard, it makes a huge difference. Creating a space that is desirable during the day and at night is a great way to increase your property value. Properly lit yards also deter burglars, animals, and other undesirable problems. Lighting can be whatever you prefer. It can create a level of elegance or add a magical aspect to your yard. It can highlight certain features or fixtures. It is a great tool for designing a yard that gives your property an extra bit of value and excitement. 


Hardscape refers to anything made of stone in your yard. This can include things like fountains, pathways, retaining walls, or large garden rocks. Hardscape is a great way to add something special to your yard without changing it too much. You can add a simple hardscape feature, or you can add a very intricate and unique feature. The stonework is beautiful and wears well over time, so it is the perfect addition to add value to a home


Don’t underestimate the power of a beautiful patio or deck. If you have the space for a patio, it is the perfect addition to creating a good yard. Patios create a space for furniture outside the home itself, basically adding on extra square footage. If you have a beautiful yard, but nowhere to sit and enjoy it, it may not be worth it for many buyers. Creating a patio space that is beautiful yet functional can bring up your home’s value by quite a bit. The options for patio size, shape, and level of coverage are absolutely endless. A covered patio vs. an open patio is very important to consider as well. When designing your patio space, having an expert determine what would be best for you can be extremely beneficial. If you design an uncovered patio, but your backyard faces the sun and it gets very hot there on summer nights, it may be a problem. Making the right design choices for your yard makes a difference! 

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Bringing Up Your Property Value

When you are buying or selling a house, getting the value out of it you need is important. A beautiful front yard is the first thing a buyer notices. It invites people into your home, and it affects your home value. A backyard is important as it is basically another room of the house. It is a place where many people want to spend time and make memories. Creating a space that is meaningful and special is not only good for the person selling the home, but for the person buying it, it makes them want to enjoy that space. Having the right person and company help you design your yard is very important. We care about you and want you to have a beautiful yard that people will want to be in. Contact us today for options on pricing, and availability for a design consultation. We will help you create a yard that everyone will want to buy! 

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