Maximizing Natural Backyard Elements 


Maximizing Natural Backyard Elements 

Your outdoor spaces can be used for so many different purposes including pools, outdoor kitchens, gardening, practicing sports. Some people enjoy being active in their backyards while others prefer incorporating natural elements to create a backyard oasis. Studies have found that spending time around nature and trees can lower stress, improve mood and even reduce blood pressure. Those are some great reasons to consider incorporating natural elements, such as a lot of trees, into your backyard design. In this blog, we offer four great ways to incorporate natural elements into your landscaping! 


Create Shade

Everyone wants to have some sort of shade in their yard. Instead of creating some architectural structure, a few well-placed trees can create natural shade and offer color and movement to the yard’s landscape. (Not to mention some great spots to hang a swing or enjoy a picnic!) The designers at Apex can help recommend a variety of trees that are lower maintenance, have a deeper root structure, and can provide the best shade for your space. They can also help estimate how many trees to get and the best spacing for them at full growth. 



Create Pathways

Tons of foot traffic can damage your landscape and creating pathways is a great way to combat this problem. There are so many materials available, such as brick, gravel, stone, and concrete. If you are looking for a more natural look, sandstone and limestone stepping stones are great options. When using stepping stones, you can even incorporate walkable groundcover plants to create an even more natural look! 



Use Native Plants

Incorporating native plants, ones that grow naturally in our Chicago climate is a great way to make your backyard look its most natural. Using native plants requires less maintenance and they are heartier and more drought tolerant. And if that is not enough, it is also more eco-friendly to use native-specific plants in your landscape! 



Incorporate Water Features

Water features are becoming increasingly popular in backyard designs. Water features include fountains, ponds, man-made creeks, and more. Similar to plants, there are native elements that you can incorporate into the landscape to keep a more natural look. A small waterfall, like a pond, can create a calming oasis in the comfort of your own backyard and also provide a natural appearance in the space.




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