How to Build a Fire Pit to Enjoy Your Summer Nights


If you want to spend some quality time out back at nighttime this summer, consider building a fire pit in your yard! Apex Landscaping, the best landscape design company in the area, installs outdoor fire pits for our clients to enjoy the heat and ambiance in Chicago. Give your yard a focal point with a beautiful fire feature that everyone will enjoy. 


How to Build a Fire Pit to Enjoy Your Summer Nights

Is your backyard just missing something? Maybe a place where everyone can gather around in the evenings? A fire pit is the perfect solution to transform your home into a wonderful space for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy. Fire features are a popular landscaping feature. A warm fire allows Chicagoland residents to enjoy their outdoor spaces on those chilly spring and fall evenings. Fire pits are an excellent addition to any home, which is why Apex Landscaping offers fire pit installation as one of our most popular services


Fire Pit Ideas

notting hill fire

Fire pits come in all different shapes and sizes. There is a fire pit idea to fit any Chicago-area backyard. Even a small backyard can fit a small fire pit! Apex Landscaping can help you find and install the right one. 





In-Ground Fire Pits

An in-ground fire pit contains the fire underground so the flames appear to leap up from the earth. This type of fire pit is a great option if you really want to dazzle your guests and neighbors. (However, they can be slightly more dangerous if you have children and pets in your home.) In-ground fire pits are also more difficult to install and will require professional assistance. 


Above Ground Fire Pits

square fire pit

An above-ground fire pit sits higher off the ground than an in-ground fire pit and is less complicated to install. 


Gel Fuel Fire Pit

A gel-fueled fire pit is a great way to add ambiance to your backyard without the smell. That is because the gel is clean and burns without producing any type of smoke or scent. If you are sensitive to the smell of smoke but like the vibe of a fire pit, this is the best fire pit option for you. A gel fuel fire pit can be moved almost anywhere in your yard and the options are extremely versatile. However, they do not give off the heat of wood-burning or propane fire pits. 


Propane Fire Pit

adler fire

A propane fire pit is the best option if you are looking for convenience. The propane creates a beautiful, high-quality flame without requiring wood or a refilling gel. The majority of propane fire pits are fairly large and provide the perfect focal point for your patio. Propane fire pits also come in a variety of materials like glass, faux wood, or rock pebbles. The only drawback to propane fire pits is the added expense of purchasing propane



Wood Burning Fire Pit

If you want to feel like you are having a campfire in your very own backyard, then a wood-burning fire pit is the right option for you. A wood-burning fire pit provides warmth, the comforting crackle of wood, and real smoke, but has the added benefit over a campfire of keeping the fire completely and safely contained. The only downside of wood-burning fire pits is that they are slightly more maintenance than other kinds of fire pits. 


Natural Gas Fire Pit

If you have the ability to install a natural gas line, then a natural gas fire pit is a great option for your yard. A gas fire pit is a permanent fixture in your backyard. The best feature of a natural gas fire pit is that it will never run out of fuel. You won’t have to run out for extra fuel if it runs out on an evening while you’re entertaining! Plus, natural gas is fairly inexpensive. However, you are not able to move the fire pit once it is installed. 


Other Types of Fire Features 

Fire pits are typically the first option that homeowners consider for their yards, but there are other types of fire features available. You could also choose to install an outdoor fireplace, a fire bowl, or a fire table. Whichever option you choose, Apex Landscaping can help you with the entire design and installation process. 


What About a Smokeless Fire Pit?

Some homeowners want to enjoy a warm fire in their backyard on a chilly evening, but they don’t like the smoke or are worried about disturbing their neighbors. If this is the case, a smokeless fire pit might be the best option for you. A smokeless fire pit eliminates most, but not all, of your fire’s smoke and ash. There are plenty of smokeless fire pit options available, if this is your preference. 


Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Fire Pit to Your Home

A fire pit is much more than just a landscaping trend. There are several benefits of installing a fire pit in your yard: 


Enjoy Your Patio Year-Round 

It can be difficult to enjoy our outdoor spaces in the Illinois and Wisconsin areas beyond just the summer. A fire pit gives you the ability to enjoy your patio in the spring, fall, and perhaps even winter evenings. Fire pits are the ultimate way to maximize your winter landscape.


Add Ambiance and Warmth 

asbury fire pit

Every Chicago-area resident enjoys the warmth of a fire on a cool evening. A fire pit adds ambiance and warmth to your yard. 


Offer Entertainment 

If you want your yard to be the best gathering spot in your neighborhood, a fire pit is the answer. From simply watching the fire to providing an area to hang out, a fire pit is a great source of entertainment. 


Excellent Cooking Tool

S’mores, anyone? A fire pit is actually a great cooking tool. From simply throwing some marshmallows on some sticks to roast to even putting your cast iron over the blaze, a fire pit actually has multiple uses. 


Build a Fire Pit with Apex Landscaping

While it might be possible to build a fire pit to enjoy your summer nights all on your own, a fire feature installation is a complicated process. Check out our available services and give Apex Landscaping a call today to enjoy our summer nights a little more this summer with your brand-new fire pit! 

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