HOW You Can Transform Your Front Yard


HOW You Can Transform Your Front Yard

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“First impressions are lasting!” Your front yard is the first impression that your neighbors, family, and friends get of your home. Feel pride each time you pull up to your home. Follow our little tips on how to create an aesthetically pleasing front yard that will have everyone smiling!

Include flowers in the borders of your front yard

While some people may prefer physical fences, a flower border can brighten up your front yard and give a more visually appealing aspect to your yard. Even though plants and flowers can require some maintenance, the splash of color and the inviting appeal they provide to your house are worth the effort to provide that welcoming effect. Just make sure to stay clear of flowers that are spiky or thorny to avoid problems with children or pets running through your yard. 

Add a walkway utilizing shrubs

Your front yard should be well-designed and aesthetically pleasing inviting you and your family and friends in. An easy way to do this is to have a terrace walkway using shrubs. Evergreen plants that border your walkway or paths instead of deciduous plants that lose their leaves for half of the year can add a beautiful and lasting twist to your landscape. An evergreen will create clear borders for your walkway and also stay green all year round. 

Lay a patio

Patios are a great way to make the most of your front yard! You can create your ideal entertaining space for when you have your friends and family over. Apex will have no problem designing your dream patio and once it is installed, don’t be surprised if your front lawn becomes the talk of the neighborhood! 

Highlight the Entrance

Turn your attention to the entrance because the entrance to your home can be part of your spring landscaping project. Highlighting the entrance does not need to require a lot of effort and can be done in a few different ways. You can cause a great effect by choosing plants carefully. Decorative, bright, colorful plants are the best choice for the area near your front door. Placing flower beds on both sides of the entrance can also highlight the entryway. Again, make sure to choose bright and beautiful flowers to create the most appeal. 

Maintain your Yard

In order to keep a visually appealing front yard, landscape maintenance is essential. Professional landscape maintenance provided by Apex guarantees that your yard and gardens look exceptional throughout the whole year. Trimming back hedges, cutting stray branches, looking after plants, and keeping the weeds at bay are not easy tasks and require the correct tools and fertilizers. Let Apex do the work to remove the pesky weeds and ensure a visually appealing front yard. Call Apex Landscaping today and let us transform your front yard so that it shouts, “Welcome home!” 


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