Prevent Dead Grass in Your Lawn

How to Prevent Dead Grass in Your Lawn This Summer

We all look forward to summer in the Chicagoland area — except, perhaps, for our lawns. Summer can be a stressful time for your lawn! Between the heat and sun beating down, water deprivation or over-watering, and pests, your lawn can take a real beating during the hot summer months.  It’s time to improve your landscape so you can enjoy it this summer. The experts at Apex Landscaping have expert tips for how to prevent dead grass on your lawn this summer. 

How to Prevent Dead Grass in Your Lawn This Summer

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As professional landscapers, we know all the tips and tricks and for a healthy lawn. Here are some ways to prevent dead grass on your lawn this summer: 


If you are mowing your own lawn this summer, make sure not to cut it too short. Mowing too short can cause a lot of unnecessary stress on your summer lawn. It’s best to instead cut it on a regular basis. Ideally, you should only remove ⅓ of a blade at a time and mow once or twice per week. Obviously, this is a lot of work, particularly in the summertime. If you don’t want to mow yourself, leave it to the experts at Apex! 


You probably know that fertilizer can help your grass grow, but it’s important to know the best time to fertilize your grass. The best time to fertilize your grass is in early or late summer, but not during the middle of the summer. This can cause problems and aggravate turf diseases. Fertilization is just one of the reasons why a year-round landscaping maintenance regimen is so important. 


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A general rule of thumb is that your lawn needs between 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week, either from rain or watering. Since June gets the most rain of any month in the Chicago area with an average rainfall of 3.5 inches, you might get enough in June, but otherwise, you will need to supplement with sprinklers. 


The key to preventing dead grass on your lawn this summer is maintaining it all year round. One of the benefits of a full-service residential landscape maintenance plan is keeping your lawn lush and healthy, from summer through winter and back to summer again. Apex Landscaping offers landscape maintenance services to help your lawn thrive for not just the summer, but the whole year ahead. 

Calling in the Pros 

The best way to ensure that your grass doesn’t die on you this summer is to use the pros at Apex Landscaping. While all the other steps above can help your glass survive, if you want it to really thrive, you need professional landscaping services. A healthy lawn needs proper analysis and treatment.  

Five Signs of Dead Grass

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These are the top five signs that your grass might be dead: 

It Doesn’t Grow With Water

Grass is usually pretty easy to grow. It really only needs some water and sunshine. During the steamy summer months, if you give it an extra helping of water for a few days and don’t see some active growth, it is most likely dead. 

It’s Not Brown 

When you think of dead grass, you probably think of it as being brown. However, that is not always the case. Depending on your species of grass, if it is dead, it might be pale, rusty red, pink, or even white. Different colors of grass are typically a sign of lawn fungus and mean you should seek professional treatment right away. 

It Feels Spongy 

Dead grass is typically spongy, not crunchy. If when you walk on your lawn it feels crunchy under your feet, it is most likely just dormant, not dead. 

It Pulls Up Easily

If your grass pulls up out of the ground easily, it is most likely dead. 

It Wilts in the Sun 

Typically, your grass should be able to withstand even the Chicago area’s brightest, sunniest July days. So if your grass is wilting in the sun, that is a sign that it might be dying. 

Dormant Grass vs. Dead Grass 

Sometimes, grass is not dead but just dormant. Dormancy is a natural occurrence for grass during the hot summer months in the Chicago area (as well as the cold winter months. 

If you’re not sure if your grass is dead or just dormant, grab a handful of the grass and give it a quick tug. If it pulls out easily from the ground with no resistance, then your grass is dead. If it resists or you have to work pretty hard to pull the blades out of the ground, it is probably just dormant. 

Why Is My Grass Dying?

There are several reasons why your grass might be dying, including: 

Heat or Drought 

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A major Chicago summer heatwave or drought can reduce even a thriving lawn to a carpet of brown and green areas. 


Weeds can take water and food away from the rest of your lawn. It can be tricky to control your weeds, which is why a professional landscaping service can help you keep them under control. 


Just like any other living thing, grass can be susceptible to diseases. Most summer lawn diseases are caused by fungi. 


Insects like chinch bugs, sod webworms, cutworms and armyworms, billbugs, and white grubs can cause issues with your lawn.

If you think your lawn might be dying, it’s time to call in the professionals from Apex Landscaping right away. 

Prevent Dead Grass In Your Lawn This Summer With Apex Landscaping

Whether it’s summer or another time of year, the overall health of your lawn depends on how well you take care of it. The best way to avoid dead grass on your lawn this summer is to prevent it before it happens. If you want to enjoy your lawn all summer long without worrying about it dying, or having to do any of the hard work yourself, call Apex Landscaping today! We offer residential landscaping and extra lawn services. We don’t just mow your lawn, but we give you the full landscaping experience, from fertilizing your lawns, shrubs, and trees to weed control and turf aeration. 

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