Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Lawn

Top Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Lawn From a Professional Landscaper

Everyone wants a healthy, beautiful lawn area around their residential, commercial, and community spaces. But, many may not know how to start. There are some specific top tips and tricks for a healthy lawn from a professional landscaper that can bring your lawn to the next level. Lush grass can better represent you to onlookers, potential customers, family, and friends alike. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top tips and tricks to ensure a healthy-looking lawn. This includes some of the best lawn care tips to do with and alongside a professional landscaping service for the top benefits and best results year-round.


Benefits of Regular Lawn Maintenance

One of the best ways to ensure a consistently healthy and beautiful-looking lawn space is to provide equally regular and consistent lawn care and maintenance. Some of the most impactful benefits of regular lawn maintenance and care include adding visual appeal, providing a more sustainable lawn, adding value to the given property or different properties, increasing air quality, decreasing any allergy irritants, adding soil quality, increasing water quality, improving your physical fitness, and reducing noise levels, among numerous other benefits.

There are also some considerable environmental benefits to maintaining a healthy lawn. Some of the top environmental benefits include preventing soil erosion by water and wind, helping the breakdown of organic chemicals, improving flood control, creating a cooling effect during warmer weather, and providing an effective wildlife habitat.


Visual Appeal 

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A beautiful lawn is always highly pleasing to the eye of any regular onlookers and passersby. It can also be highly relaxing and meditative, helpful in reducing and softening any reflected glares. 



A regularly maintained lawn is also more sustainable in the long term. You can enjoy less intensive and laborious maintenance times when you do maintenance work more regularly. 


Property Value

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Did you know that, unlike other home improvement projects, regular landscaping work can provide up to a 100%-200% return on your investments and increase value by up to 15%?


Air Quality

A 50’ by 50’ well-maintained lawn area can create enough oxygen for a family of four, every day. Acting as a large sponge, lawns can absorb many air pollutants such as soot, dust, and CO2. 


Allergy Affectedness

More consistent yard treatment includes regular weeding and weed removal. Fewer weeds mean less weed pollen, which can decrease allergy-affectedness for everyone.


Soil Quality

soil qulaity

A healthy lawn results in the prevention of erosion by wind or water, as well as the loss of valuable topsoil dust and mud. Improving soil quality helps the growth of surrounding plants.


Water Quality

You can also increase your water quality with a healthy lawn that can absorb rainfall up to 4-6 times more effectively than farm fields. Return moisture to the water table for wide reusability. 


Physical Fitness

Working to maintain your healthy lawn space alongside a professional landscaper can increase your physical fitness through regular exercise. These lawns also encourage outdoor recreation.


Reduce Noise

Healthy lawn spaces can also increase noise reduction. Enjoy the increased quiet that results from less movement. Good turf can also absorb sound more effectively than heavy carpeting!


Top Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Lawn

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There are many impactful personal, business, and environmental benefits of having and maintaining a healthy lawn in your residential, commercial, and community spaces. There are even more benefits to having regular help from a professional landscaper toward your healthy lawn goals and aspirations. The top tips and tricks for a healthy lawn from a professional landscaper to better ensure a healthy lawn and maintain it in between landscaper visits include taking care of your HOA needs, doing extensive maintenance, performing year-round care that differs seasonally, ensuring a clean and clear exterior, regular lawn mowing, and adding fertilizer. 




Take Care of HOA Needs 

Homeowners’ associations help to ensure that communities and public spaces look their best all the time. Taking care of HOA needs with the help of Apex Landscaping ensures consistently beautiful lawn results year-round.


Extensive Maintenance Services

For the best lawn care results, extensive maintenance is a top tip. Extensive maintenance such as lawn mowing, weeding, dethatching, and leaf removal should be seasonal as needed. Apex Landscaping offers year-round services to keep your grass and spaces always looking great.


Year-Round Maintenance

Providing effective year-round maintenance also involves individual consideration of your lawn’s changing needs each season.  This includes changing amounts of snow, ice, rain, heat, cold, weeds, air, and dryness present in your outdoor spaces.


Clean and Clear Exterior

For the utmost levels of healthy, safe lawn spaces, prioritize having a clean and clear exterior in and around your grass, including walkways. For commercial and community spaces, a clean and clear exterior also has a large impact on revenue potential, customer and employee base, and income losses due to injury.


Regular Lawn Mowing

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Apex can help you ensure a regular, consistent lawn mowing schedule to better maintain your yard’s beauty throughout the seasons. Regular lawn mowing impacts overall consistent growth, the potential for more lush and thick grass, and the growth and health of surrounding plant life.


Adding Regular Fertilizer

Regular fertilizer added to your lawn can make a big difference, adding necessary and beneficial nutrients back into the soil. Fertilizer can help supplement healthy soil, impacting the lush growth of grass and surrounding plant life. Enjoy larger, faster, and more expansive growth throughout.


Enjoy a Healthy and Beautiful Lawn Year-Round

Much of what affects having a consistently healthy lawn space is time, energy, funds, experience, and equipment. In addition to these top tips and tricks, using a professional landscaper is the ultimate best way to ensure a consistently healthy, beautiful lawn year-round. In the landscaping business since 1991, Apex Landscaping is always the top choice for all of the best lawn care, lawn care tips, and yard treatment available in the Chicago area. For the topmost budget-friendly, professional, consistent, and beautiful results every time, contact Apex Landscaping today.

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