Benefits of Spring Cleanup 


Benefits of Spring Cleanup 

Spring is about to sprung! Temperatures are on the rise and the sun is staying out longer each day. March is typically when people decide it is time to give the inside of the house a good, dep spring cleaning, but don’t forget the yard! If things in your yard are not “sparking joy” then you want to get rid of them now! March is the perfect time to contact Apex to schedule a spring yard clean-up. Here we share some of the benefits that come along with Apex’s professional spring clean-up: 


You get a one-stop-shop experience! 

You don’t want to have to buy or rent all of the equipment and materials that are needed for a yard clean-up. Hiring Apex is not only cost-effective, it is also a time-saver for you! Sit back and relax as our team comes and takes care of the work for you! 


Say goodbye to the debris!

Winter winds and heavy snow can cause a lot of damage to your yard in different ways. The ice on the trees and shrubs can cause branches everywhere. Our team will make sure to get all of the fallen branches, twigs, and dead leaves. Also, as your grass goes through its natural life cycle and the blades die off, they fall back into the soil, and nutrients are provided which is great for your grass. However, if there is too much buildup, then it can cause problems. Our team will make sure to thatch your lawn to give it room to breathe and allow nutrients to get into the soil. 


Keep your trees safe and healthy!

When branches fall, they can damage your house, vehicles, or even people. Having one of our professional team members trim and prune your trees and shrubs is a great item to add to your spring clean-up checklist. It keeps your trees healthy and also keeps your yard looking aesthetically beautiful. 


Mulch correctly!

While some people rely on the dead leaves in the yard to naturally mulch their yards and gardens, if you do not run those leaves through a mulcher, or if you apply too thick of a layer you really aren’t doing your yard any favors. There are many different forms of mulch that may be better suited for your yard. Our professional team will be able to help you select the best mulch, or even stone, for your yard! 


Say goodbye to weeds!

Making sure to select a solid herbicide will safely eliminate your weeds before they even have a chance to sprout and will effectively leave your other plants and grass unharmed. Selective herbicides means that only the targeted undesired plants will be affected and the pre-emergent weeds are targeted before they can grow! 


Set your yard up for long-term success!

Taking care of your yard in the spring will give it the opportunity to thrive throughout the hot summer months. Having Apex’s professional team come and do your spring cleanup will also provide you with the opportunity to get some recommendations for things to do during the summer and fall as well as advise on any problem areas they can help warn about. 


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