Summer Lawn and Landscape Care

A Seasonal Guide: Summer Lawn and Landscape Care

When summer approaches, you know what that means: playing in the backyard, family barbecues, and plenty of time spent together on the lawn. For many of us Chicago-area residents, it’s the time when we get to enjoy our lawn the most. But for our lawn and plants, the scorching sun and lack of rainfall during the hot summer months can be problematic. Summer lawn and landscape care are important for ensuring that your yard is ready for all the summer fun. The expert landscapers at Apex Landscaping have created this seasonal guide to your summer lawn and landscape care to help you get ready for summer. A professional landscaping company is the key to a beautiful summer lawn and landscape! 


A Seasonal Guide: Summer Lawn and Landscape Care

These are the best tips from the experts at Apex Landscaping for a healthy, ready-to-play summer lawn. Of course, if you want the best summer lawn and landscaping, it’s best to invest in professional lawn care services from Apex Landscaping. 


Tips for a Beautiful Summer Landscape 

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Here are some summer landscape tips that will help you enjoy your lawn from now through Labor Day (and beyond!) 


Get Started Early 

Summer landscaping doesn’t start in the summertime, it starts well before. If you aren’t taking care of your landscaping in the winter, it probably won’t look very good in the summer. 


Water Correctly 

Did you know that the way you water is more important than how often you water? For example, the best time to water is first thing in the morning or the evening, not midday. As far as plants, you want to water them less frequently and more deeply when you do. 


Choose the Right Summer Plants and Flowers

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Rather than just choosing the prettiest plants, it’s important to pick summer plantings for your yard, deck, patio, and flower beds that are appropriate for the hot summer months and that will thrive in the Midwest. 


Keep an Eye Out for Pests and Disease

Make sure to check your lawn and garden regularly for signs of pests and diseases. Stressed plants are more vulnerable to harmful attacks. Some signs and symptoms include: 

  • Leaves with blotches or spots 
  • Brown, crispy leaf edges 
  • Rotting or spotted fruit 
  • Dying needles 
  • Dying branch ends
  • Small holes in tree bark
  • Shrubs and trees losing leaves all of a sudden
  • Sticky substances on leaves 


Add Some Color 

Every Chicago-area backyard can benefit from some beautiful plants with pops of color during the summer months. Our experts can choose the best perennials and annuals that will thrive all summer long, especially with our attentive care. Virginia bluebells, Lenten roses, and geraniums are all excellent options. 


Don’t Forget the Shade

Everyone needs a break from the sun once in a while, which is why it’s important to have some shady spots in your yard. The landscape designers at Apex Landscaping can add some trees or permanent spots like gazebos to your lawn so you have a cool place to enjoy on the hottest July days. 


Tips for Summer Lawn Care

Your lawn is the most important piece of your landscaping, which is why we have all the best tips and tricks for a healthy lawn. (Plus, taking good care of your lawn is also taking care of the planet!) 


Water Correctly 


Of course, watering is an important factor in having a healthy summer lawn. But before you go grab that hose or sprinkler, consider some other important factors. Many lawns suffer from over-watering, especially during the hot summer months. The best time of day to water the lawn is in the morning. The right amount of water depends on whether you have a brand-new or established lawn, and it might even require different amounts in different sections. The frequency of watering your lawn depends on its newness. Somewhere between two and three times per week is typically adequate, but it is best to check with a professional landscaper. 


Mow the Right Way 

Many homeowners cut their grass as short as possible so they can mow less frequently. However, mowing high actually is better for your grass because it encourages strong root growth and heat tolerance, which is key during the summer. Taller grass also offers more shade and keeps weeds from growing and competing with your grass. If you don’t have time to mow on a regular basis, that is one reason why you might invest in professional landscaping maintenance services from Apex Landscaping. 


Sharpen Your Mower Blade 

A dull mower blade can tear your grass, which not only looks bad, but creates ragged brown edges that provide an opening for disease organisms. That’s why it’s important to sharpen your mower blade. Professional landscapers like the teams at Apex Landscaping have all the professional tools for summer lawn care. 


Clean Up After Your Pets 

Of course, you love your family dog, but they can cause dead spots on your lawn. (And we don’t mean just mean the #2. Dog pee can ruin your lawn, too.) If you see dying grass spots where your dog urinated, try to flush the area with water in order to dilute the amount of urine in the soil. 


The Importance of Landscape Maintenance

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Hire Apex Landscaping for landscape maintenance services to have the best summer landscaping and lawn on your block! We offer landscape maintenance services for homes, corporate offices, municipalities, townhome communities, or HOAs. In order to ensure a beautiful lawn in the summer, it is important to maintain your landscaping all year round. If you simply start preparing your lawn on the first of May for the summer, it will be much too late. Hiring a professional landscaping company like Apex Landscaping can transform your home and your yard. 



Get Summer Lawn and Landscape Care from Apex Landscaping

Hopefully, this seasonal guide to summer lawn and landscape care has been helpful. Consider hiring us to maintain your lawn and landscape this summer! Apex Landscaping offers the best summer lawn and landscape care services for Cook County, Illinois; Lake County, Illinois; McHenry County, Illinois; and Kenosha County, Wisconsin. Whether you need full-service lawn care or a specialized treatment to keep your lawn and yard looking gorgeous and healthy all summer long, call Apex Landscaping. 

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