Benefits of Full-Service Residential Landscape Maintenance


Benefits of Full-Service Residential Landscape Maintenance


Homeowners have a lot of responsibilities and a lot of decisions to make when it comes to the upkeep of their homes. Life is hectic and busy and delegating tasks is often essential. Homeowners have the choice when it comes to their landscape maintenance and there are a lot of options out there! There are basic services that just about anybody can do, mowing your lawn or blowing away your leaves. Professional, full-service residential maintenance, as offered by Apex Landscaping, however, provides you with professional operators and excellent quality work. Below we offer 5 benefits of choosing full-service residential landscape maintenance.


Experts at each visit

When choosing full-service residential landscape maintenance, you are avoiding the “mow, blow, and go” of small landscape maintenance services. With a full-service company like Apex, you can count on quality because we do not have to focus on the number of yards we can superficially clean in the least amount of time. We provide our employees with training and continued professional development so that they have a breadth of knowledge of landscaping techniques needed to fully care for your landscape. 


Consistent fertilizing, irrigation, and pruning

Apex Landscaping expertly schedules fertilizing, irrigation and pruning, and other landscaping services. The calendar creates the best route sheets for our foremen and ensures that your plants receive the pruning, weeding, and nourishment they need to survive and thrive. 


Peace of mind

When hiring a “mow, blow, and go” service, you will still have to worry about other lawn needs such as pruning, weeding, and leaf pick up. Plus, you’ll still have to pay and maintain costly equipment. With a full-service landscape maintenance company like Apex, you’ll have the peace of mind that all of your landscape needs will be met and you will be able to kick your feet up knowing that this is one less thing on the ever-growing to-do lists! 


Longer life for your trees and shrubs

Since our landscaping maintenance service is holistic, we take care of all aspects of the landscape including the soil balance, irrigation, and pruning. Since we pay such close attention to detail and provide this holistic service, not only will your trees and shrubs last longer, you will save money in the long run since you won’t have to continuously purchase replacement plants. 


Excellent customer service

A full-service landscape maintenance company like Apex Landscaping is established and has countless positive customer service reviews. We have customer service professionals including account managers to work directly with each client and ensure that you are getting the level of service you deserve. If there is ever a problem, our excellent customer service team will make sure that it gets resolved swiftly and that you as the customer are always happy with the services you receive. 


Our experts are in charge of managing your yard’s health so that you can manage all of the other aspects of your busy schedule! Call Apex Landscaping today to schedule your full-service landscape maintenance for the spring! 



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