Backyard Lighting Ideas to Make Your Patio Shine

Backyard Lighting Ideas to Make Your Patio Shine

To really make the most of your outdoor space this summer, enjoy it after the sun goes down with these backyard lighting ideas to make your patio shine! Landscaping and gardening can transform your home, but so can the right backyard lighting. When you have excellent outdoor lighting, you are able to enjoy that barbecue or swimming pool late into the nighttime. Plus, backyard lighting has additional benefits like safety and accentuating your landscape. There are numerous outdoor lighting options available, and the choices can be overwhelming for many homeowners. The experts at Apex Landscaping can help you design and implement the best outdoor lighting plan for your home. 


Outdoor Illumination of Your Patio

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Backyard lighting is the outdoor illumination of your patio and the rest of your yard to increase safety, aesthetics, accessibility, and security, as well as for recreation and social uses. If you are looking for some inspiration for backyard lighting for your own home in the Chicagoland area, the lighting experts at Apex Landscaping have some ideas. There is a lighting option for every backyard, and we can help you find the right ones for you. From helping to highlight certain parts of your home or landscaping to making your yard a safer place to entertain, there are plenty of options for lighting. 


The Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas 

Most homeowners don’t know where to start when it comes to outdoor lighting ideas, and that is what a professional landscaping and lighting company is for. These are some of the various types of backyard lighting options that are available to you: 


Patio Lighting

Patio lighting provides an ambiance for your backyard and also makes it the focal point of your backyard on beautiful summer nights. If you have a covered patio, you can go with recessed lighting, flush mount ceiling fixtures, or outdoor pendants. 


Deck Lighting

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It is essential to light your deck (especially the steps and the edges!) to prevent trips and falls in the dark. Porch and deck accidents can be dangerous and you could be liable. Every deck needs some form of lighting around the perimeter and the steps leading to and from the deck for safety purposes, but utilizing deck lights also allows you to use this outdoor space later into those warm Chicagoland summer evenings. 




Security Lighting

Backyard lighting is about more than atmosphere: it can also help with safety. Security lighting is generally brighter than other types of outdoor lighting and illuminates large areas of your yard in order to scare off potential intruders and deter destructive animals, like the coyotes that are oftentimes found roaming the Chicagoland area. Some good options for security lights include floodlights, motion-sensing lights, and lights installed in high spots. 


Spot Lighting

If you have an area you want to highlight in your yard, you need spot lights. Spot lighting, also known as up-lighting or landscape lighting, is standard-voltage lighting that shines moderate to high-intensity beams upwards to showcase a pool, plant, or ornamental feature. You can use spot lighting to spotlight your favorite natural backyard elements.  


Path Lighting

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There are several benefits to path lighting. When you’re heading along the path back to your house after a fun evening, you want to make sure you can see so you don’t lose your step. And same goes for your guests, who might not be familiar with your yard. You can attractively highlight your pathways and walkways with path lighting, for both safety and ambiance. 


String Lighting

String lighting is a moody, pretty way to get some extra ambiance and light where you entertain. A string of lights is ideal for any backyard patio. You can also choose to hang string lights along the eaves of your home, from the posts of an outdoor pavilion, or along your gazebo. It’s important to choose waterproof, rechargeable, or traditional battery-powered, or solar-powered outdoor string lights so you don’t have extension cords through your yard and causing additional tripping hazards. 


Outdoor Wall Lighting 

Wall lighting is a type of both safety and accent lighting that is typically used to illuminate small recessed areas of your yard where there are a lot of shadows. A wall light can be mounted on any vertical surface, like the inside of a pergola; above stairs; and around sunken seating areas, pools, or other low-lying spots. 


Outdoor Lanterns

Lanterns are another option for accent lights to play up your patio. Most lanterns offer soft, low-voltage accent lighting and are typically placed near the back door to highlight a window, arch, or wreath. 


Garden Lights

Garden lighting is another term for outdoor lighting or landscape lighting. The growing popularity of landscape lighting means that there are a plethora of outdoor lighting fixtures and options available, so every homeowner can find the right lighting for their style. You will surely be able to find the best garden lights for your space with the help of Apex Landscaping. 


Which Backyard Lighting Option is Right for Me?

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The best outdoor lighting solutions combine a variety of these options to illuminate your backyard and meet your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to backyard lighting. The best backyard lighting combines the perfect balance of security and aesthetics. Whatever your outdoor lighting style, we can help you choose the best fixtures and approach. 




Benefits of Backyard Lighting 

There are several reasons backyard lighting is beneficial for your Chicago-area single-family home, townhouse, or condo: 

  • Offers increased safety after dark 
  • Deters burglars 
  • Makes it easier to maneuver around the outside of your home
  • Allows you to cook, grill, and entertain after dark 
  • Creates a warm welcome and ambiance for guests and family
  • Increases curb appeal and home value 
  • Highlights your favorite architectural and landscaping features 

To reap the full benefits of outdoor landscaping, utilize the services of the professional landscape and lighting designers at Apex Landscaping. 


Let There Be Light With Apex Landscaping

Now, you know the best backyard lighting ideas to make your patio shine. Improve your landscape with backyard lighting! Whichever backyard lighting option you choose, it’s best to leave lighting installation to the experts. Our lighting services at Apex Landscaping begin with a design consultation to help determine the best options for your yard and to provide you with recommendations. Contact us today to make an appointment with our landscape designers to create your perfect, well-lit outdoor setting! 

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