Creating an Intimate Backyard Design

Steps to Create an Intimate Backyard Design

Outdoor living spaces can be beautiful, unique, and intimate. There are many ways to design your backyard to create a living space that extends from your home and lets you enjoy nature and fresh air. While creating the perfect backyard design takes time, it can be affordable. Adding aspects to the floor and decor of your living spaces that make your home bigger and more comfortable is such an exciting step as a homeowner. Creating the perfect intimate backyard design in its simplest form incorporates a covering of some kind, a floor and decor.

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Backyard Design Coverings

When it comes to creating an outdoor living space, it does have to be covered in some way to protect the outdoor furniture and flooring. This could be a large production or not, and there are many different price points available. When you select what kind of covering you would prefer for your intimate backyard design, make sure you measure properly and decide how much of the backyard you would like covered. 


An awning can be a great backyard covering for one or more of your outdoor living spaces. They are usually made of fabric and can even be retractable. They provide shade and protection from rain and other weather, but most awnings are not meant to stay out during the winter. Awnings can look like a tent roof in some ways, and can be decorative or match your color scheme quite well. 


Another choice for a backyard covering is called a pergola. It’s a structure built separately from your home that provides shade and covering. Some pergolas have open roofing, while others have a closed roof. It’s a simple protective structure, but can be made of different materials like wood or PVC, and is usually pretty simple to put up. 


A covered deck is quite an undertaking, but can provide a stable and beautiful addition to your home. A deck usually provides a good ROI, which means you will be able to sell your home for more with one of these attractive additions to your outdoor living space. However, a covered deck may not be right for your outdoor space, so be sure to have it properly evaluated before building one.

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Another important part of creating the perfect backyard space is the flooring. This could be as simple as pouring concrete, or it could be ornate and beautiful, depending on your desired look and what you are planning on doing with the space.

Concrete Patio

Depending on the space you have available, a concrete patio could be a great and inexpensive option to create your dream intimate backyard design. One can be as big or small as you would prefer. There are even different colors of concrete available. You can also have a brick or natural stone pattern pressed into the concrete to make it look different and unique. Concrete is versatile and easy to clean. However, it might also crack during the winter months if it’s not properly installed.

Brick Paver Patios

Setting brick pavers creates a classic and beautiful look, which does not crack during the winter months. You can create all kinds of designs with the bricks, and use different colored bricks for more unique looks. Brick pavers are also relatively easy to clean, and if set correctly and cared for, can last for many years.

Deck Flooring

You don’t have to build a covered deck to make a deck patio. While most people prefer to have their deck raised several feet off the ground, it’s not required. Decks are beautiful and often provide some of the best protection from bugs and small animals. They can also match your decor and provide a semi-soft place to walk and stand. However, they can have issues with drainage underneath if you are not careful. They also need a bit more maintenance than some other patio options.


Having the right outdoor furniture really makes your intimate backyard design feel like the paradise it should be. The amount of exposure to elements in your space can help you determine what kinds of outdoor furniture you should purchase. Another important factor is what kinds of use you want to get out of the area. 

Patio Furniture

Creating a space where people can relax and enjoy their surroundings is easy with a comfortable seating area. You can essentially have an outdoor living room, with a couch, coffee table, and even a fireplace. For softer outdoor furniture, unless you want to move it in and out as you prefer or cover it up, you will most likely want a covered space. This will help the furniture last longer and stay cleaner. 

Outdoor Dining

A common way to create an outdoor living space is by adding outdoor furniture for dining. This includes tables and chairs, which can be made of various metals, woods, or wicker. Not just any table and chairs should go in this space! They should be specially designed to withstand the elements. You can also create an outdoor kitchen, with a grill and bar, and even more. These features can even remain uncovered, as there are many products that can withstand even winter temperatures and snow. These spaces are easy to furnish and can place in just about any backyard.

Outdoor Fun

Another type of outdoor furniture you can use to create an intimate backyard design is outdoor fun furniture. You could make a playroom of sorts for your children, or design an area for basketball, soccer, or other sports. You can even create a golf putting green or design a beautiful outdoor pond that’s safe year-round. There are so many great options available to achieve your dream. 

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Your Intimate Backyard Design

Creating your dream is easier than you might think! Choosing your desired materials, floor and decor is so much easier when you have someone to guide you. We can meet with you and go over your goals, available options, and when work can commence. You can enjoy your new outdoor living space in no time!

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