10 Reasons You Should Hire a Landscape Designer

Top Reasons to Hire a Landscape Designer

Designing ideal landscaping for your yard seems simple, but it is more difficult than it appears. Doing it yourself can be tricky, and more often than not, you will find yourself seeking external help or advice. When it comes to designing your dream landscape, finding the right help makes a big difference in the final product! There are many things they can teach you, and knowing what works best in landscaping comes with time and experience. There are so many reasons to hire a landscape designer, including taking advantage of the best time to water plants, gaining inspiration with walkway ideas, and much more!


1. Budgeting

When you hire a landscape designer, one of the main benefits comes from their ability to help you know how much your design choices may cost and where you can cut costs. Everyone has a budget, and it can be difficult to know where unexpected costs might appear. Apex also offers financing and other aids for budgeting that can help your dream come true much more quickly! 

2. Evaluation of Current Landscaping

One of the most difficult parts of creating the right design is seeing where to start. Evaluating your property for issues like drainage or difficult areas that you might need to excavate or update before construction even begins can be confusing. Your landscaper can help you know what would be best for your landscaping based on its current state, and help decide what to do to modify your yard for future plans. You might even find that they can direct you to better options for what you truly want.

3. Weather Awareness

You can also hire a landscape designer to help you know how to best prepare for your local weather. If you live in Chicago where the winter months bring snow and ice, your landscaper can help you choose the right kinds of stone and other materials that won’t crack when it freezes, and that will work well for snow removal or other maintenance. Many people don’t realize this and end up redoing their landscaping after a winter or two. 

4. Flowers and Trees

It’s important to understand how certain plants will work in your landscaping design. What if the flower bed edging you choose ends up killing the plants you buy? Or what if you buy a type of flower, not knowing they die after one year and you will have to  replant them? Knowing what plants last longer and when they grow best, the best time to water plants, and more are incredibly useful when designing your landscaping. It also helps to know how to hook up the right kind of watering devices, and what will work for your yard and its current drainage methods. There is a lot to take into consideration for flower and tree maintenance.

5. Proper Materials 

As you design the perfect landscape, you will often purchase products with various materials and finishes. However, if you have acidic soil, you might end up with corroded or discolored materials in just a few short years. There are so many factors that affect materials differently over time. You might purchase something not knowing how the weather, water, soil, or even your own use of the item might affect it. Flower bed edging is a great example of this. If you purchase flower bed edging that looks nice but retains water, the plants in your flower beds could die due to overwatering and root rot. Some plants need more water than others, so having this flower bed edging could benefit them and create the perfect landscape.

6. Maintenance

How will you know what to do to maintain your new landscaping without guidance? You will need to know what plants may need replanting, how often to wash the walkways or patios, and what to do each year to maintain your wonderful landscape design. Your landscape designer can help you note these considerations and also help you choose things that will be less maintenance for you and your yard.  

7. Beauty

If you hire a landscape designer, you will know what would look best with your home, and how to make it look beautiful for years to come. You may like something in the store, but it isn’t right when you put it in your yard. Landscape designers have software to help you see what would work best in your yard, so you can visualize your goals before you even begin! Things like walkway ideas, patio coverings, flower bed placements, and more can easily be visible to you months before installation. 

8. Labor 

What is the easiest way to achieve landscaping? Your landscape designer can help you know how to achieve goals in the best way, and can then help you achieve them, so you won’t get hurt or do work that isn’t necessary. Creating a design and installing it are definitely two separate things, so having the right hands to help you can make a big difference. 

9. Installation of Specialized Items/Designs 

If you’ve never installed a fireplace before, you might not know what you need to ensure it’s safe, similar to a retaining wall or any specialized lighting. Having someone help you know how to do specialized things and why something works best can make your design so much more efficient, beautiful, and safer for you. 

10. Save Your Stress

One of the biggest benefits you can receive when you hire a landscape designer is saving yourself considerable stress and worry. You will know that your landscaping is done right and know everything you need to do to keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

When considering landscape design, you don’t have to do research or try to find the best deal on every item. Your landscape designer will do all of that and more, down to details like walkway ideas and flower bed edging. You don’t have to worry about figuring out the best time to water plants, how often to clean your patio, and much more. Peace of mind is truly priceless!

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