How to Maximize Your Yard

  1. Embrace your surrounding scenery:
    • Maximizing the scenery you already have in your yard will make it feel much larger. To do this, you’ll want to use similar plants and trees that blend in with the existing landscaping. If you have plants visible from your neighbor’s yard, you can also incorporate them into your own landscape.
  2. Add in a patio:
    • This will be the building block to maximizing your yard, and it will also instantly create a dedicated area for you and any guests. It’s also a great way to add dimension to your yard and separate your space. This brings us to our next tip:
  3. Create separate spaces:
    • Dividing the space into smaller areas within your yard will obscure the real size of it. This will make it feel larger than it is and it will also maximize your enjoyment of the space.
  4. Add a walkway in-between your spaces:
    • Now that you created separate spaces in your yard, add in a walkway. This will allow you to move more freely between the spaces you created.
  5. Light reflection:
    • Reflecting light on other surfaces can really brighten up and enhance your space. It can be like the ‘cherry on top’ of your yard makeover, and can make evenings in your yard more enjoyable.


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