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Landscaping Design in Libertyville

Are you looking for landscaping design in Libertyville? You have found the right place. Apex Landscaping offers the best landscaping design services in Libertyville. We provide landscape design services for both residential and commercial properties. Besides our Libertyville landscaping design services, we offer all the other landscaping services you might need. Like lawn care and snow removal. Learn more about our Libertyville landscaping design services.

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What is Landscape Design?

Landscape design is the analysis, planning, and design of your home or business’s outdoor living space. Our landscape design services transform your space by integrating various elements to achieve a functional and attractive space. At Apex Landscaping, we are with you from beginning to end. We have the experience and skill in working with you and creating your outdoor dream setting. Our company has the best team of landscape designers in Chicago.

Residential Landscape Design in Libertyville

We provide high-quality residential landscape design services for the residents of Libertyville, Illinois. Our residential landscaping design services are focused on helping you get the greatest use and enjoyment out of your property. Our goal is also to improve the appearance and aesthetic appeal of your Libertyville home's entire area.

Commercial Landscape Design in Libertyville

We also offer commercial landscaping design services in Libertyville. We can design a garden, public space, multi-family community, college campus, corporate campus, or any other type of commercial property. Apex Landscaping is the best landscape design company for your business.

Landscape Design in Libertyville

Apex Landscaping offers landscaping design services for residential and commercial clients alike. We provide breathtaking designs and collaborative builds because your property deserves the best. We are often asked what is in our landscape design services in Libertyville. Our team will work with you to determine what you want for your outdoor space.

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Snow shoveling

Libertyville Snow Removal Services

We offer the best Chicagoland snow removal services, including Libertyville. You will never have to worry about shoveling again! Instead, get comprehensive snow and ice management solutions from Apex Landscaping. Whether you don’t want to have snow blow your driveway or need a winter preparation plan for your Libertyville business, we are ready to help you 24/7.

Landscape Design Consultation

Our landscaping design in Libertyville begins with a design consultation to observe and evaluate your site. Then, we will discuss your expected uses and expectations of our outdoor living space and your budget. We will make recommendations like which types of landscape lighting you might need and show you a selection of plants you may want to include. We can also install any structures you would like -

  • Water features,
  • New driveways or walkways, 
  • Lighting, 
  • Retaining walls, 
  • Native plants.
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Preliminary Design Requirements

During this stage, we will create a topography plan or engineering plan. Then, gather any necessary measurements of your property, and draw up a design contract. We will also provide you with a detailed and scaled sketch of the plan in 2D or 3D.

Design Development

Finally, we will sign our design contract and start work on your new beautiful Libertyville landscaping design! It is always an exciting time when building begins. Your space will be customized to your wishes and specifications while still being functional, sustainable, and attractive.

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Libertyville Lawn Care Services

Also to our landscaping design in Libertyville, Apex Landscaping offers other services like lawn care. Lawn care goes far beyond mowing your lawn. We give you the complete landscaping service. Our Libertyville lawn care services might include:

  • Fertilization, 
  • Soil testing, 
  • Aeration, 
  • Seeding, 
  • Deep root feeding for trees and shrubs, 
  • Weed control. 

Our team can also tell you the best way to grow sod and the best way to mow sod if you need it.

Libertyville Landscaping Services at Apex

Apex Landscaping provides all the landscaping services Libertyville residents need. Apex offers the best landscape design services in the Lake County area. Call us at (847) 847-1505 or email us at to begin your landscaping design journey for your Libertyville home.

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Why Should I Invest in Landscaping Design in Libertyville?

There are several benefits to investing in Apex Landscaping’s landscape design services in Libertyville.


Enhanced Curb Appeal 

The top benefit of landscaping design services is creating a gorgeous yard with excellent curb appeal. We make an attractive front yard to stand out on your block. Also, we build a beautiful backyard for you to enjoy with your friends and family.


Increased Property Value

Landscaping design services have the added benefit of increasing your property value. It is a huge advantage when it comes time to sell your home if you have a beautifully landscaped and maintained property. 


Save Time and Money 

Creating a beautiful landscape design is much more than picking up some plants and putting them in your yard. Trees and plants are much more attractive than privacy screens and fences. Save your time and money with our professional landscape design services.


Enjoy Year-Round Use of Your Yard

Many Libertyville residents cannot enjoy their outdoor living spaces year-round due to the Chicago area’s frigid winters. But our team can create an outdoor space, with a fire pit, that allows you to enjoy both summer and winter nights out on your patio.


Create a Private Space

Many residents use landscape design to create a private oasis in their yards and get some space from their neighborhoods.


Completed Customized

Our landscaping design services are customizable to your own needs and desires for your property. Whatever you want, we can build it. 

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Why Choose Apex Landscaping for Libertyville Landscaping Design

Our team is local to the Chicagoland area and understands the needs of Libertyville property owners. Apex Landscaping is a family-owned and operated business. We first began servicing the northern suburbs in 1991.

We Offer Our Services To Commercial And Residential Customers

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