Barrington Landscaping

Barrington Landscaping

If you’re ready to transform your Barrington landscaping, we’re prepared to help you. Apex Landscaping offers the best Barrington landscaping services for residents and business owners. We have been in business for more than 30 years providing premier landscaping services to the Chicagoland area. Our full-service landscaping company offers all the services Barrington homeowners need. 

  • Landscape design, 
  • Landscape builds tree care, 
  • Landscape maintenance, 
  • Snow and Ice management.
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Get the Best Barrington Landscaping

Apex Landscaping offers a variety of landscaping services necessary for Barrington property owners. We offer residential and commercial expert landscaping services. We keep your lawn and landscaping looking their best all year long. Learn more about the variety of landscaping services we offer in Barrington.

Barrington Residential Landscaping Services

Every Barrington home can enjoy the skillful touch of experienced landscapers. Call us to learn more about our residential Barrington landscaping today.

Barrington Commercial Landscaping Services

Businesses need professional landscaping services, too, which is why we offer commercial landscaping services for Barrington business owners.

Landscaping Design in Barrington

To create the perfect outdoor area for your Barrington home, you need our landscape design services. We begin with a design consultation and work with you until the project is complete. Every Barrington property is unique and has different needs. We listen to and understand your needs for your own home, then deliver. From front-yard landscaping ideas to make your home stand out to designing a dream backyard space worthy of a magazine - we are the best landscape designers in the Chicago area.

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Landscape Builds in Barrington

Our landscaping company does a lot more than mowing your yard. We can build and install any hardscaping you would like for your Barrington yard. Some of your options include:

  • Brick Paver Patios 
  • Outdoor Kitchens 
  • Pergolas and Ornate Wooden Structures 
  • Fireplaces
  • Ornamental Ponds
  • Other Water Features 
  • Landscape Lighting

Barrington Tree Care

Do some of your trees need some attention? We offer tree analysis and removal, among other tree care, for Barrington residents. Our tree services include preventative maintenance, emergency tree care, drought services, storm damage care, fertilization, and soil management. Leaf it to us to take care of your trees!

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Barrington Landscaping Maintenance

Your landscaping is an ongoing project that requires attention. Once we have planted and built your beautiful new landscape design, it is incomplete. Our professional landscaping services maintain your yard, so it always looks its best. Our landscape maintenance services include fertilizing, watering, pruning, trimming, mowing, edging, weeding, and lawn care. We keep your lawn and the rest of your yard looking its best from January to December.

Barrington Snow Removal services

Don't pull out your shovel or snowblower the next time you wake up to a snow-covered driveway. We offer reliable snow and ice removal services for the Barrington area. Our team has the necessary experience to handle any snowstorm that hits the Chicago area. We have you covered before, during, and after every significant snow and ice event. Get the kids off to school and head off to work safely because we will clear your property for you.

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Other Barrington Landscaping Services

At Apex Landscaping, we offer all the services Barrington residents need to keep their landscaping looking its best. Some of our other landscaping services include

  • Turf healthcare 
  • Turf aeration 
  • Fire pit installation 
  • Water pit installation

Why Apex Offers the Best Landscaping Services in Barrington

Apex Landscaping has the experience and skills to keep your property in beautiful shape all year. Because we are local to your area, we are knowledgeable and familiar with your neighborhood's needs. Our team’s core values are respect, understanding, stewardship, and performance. We pride ourselves on always being kind and always on time.

Benefits of Barrington Landscaping Services

There are several advantages to investing in professional landscaping services for your Barrington home or business:


Beautiful Curb Appeal

An important part of having a beautiful Barrington home is having a well-maintained yard. Our team gives you a professional look that is difficult to achieve on your own. You invest in the interior of your home — why not the exterior, too?


Increased Property Value 

Professional landscaping is an excellent way to increase the property value of your home. Whether you are selling your home soon or in the future, it’s a good idea to spruce up your landscaping to increase its value up to 15%!


Functional Landscape Design 

Your landscaping needs not just to be attractive but also functional for your space. Whatever your family needs to enjoy your outdoor space, we can help you design and build it. Every property owner is unique and has a different vision for their home.

Choose the Right Plants and Foliage

Our experienced and knowledgeable team will help you choose the correct plants that will thrive in Barrington. Our plant experts can tell you what will work best in your yard and garden long-term.

Save Time and Money

Hiring a professional landscaping company can save you time and money in the long run. We do all the hard labor, so all you have to do is enjoy your beautifully landscaped yard. You will also avoid costly equipment and mistakes. (And if your budget is a concern, we offer landscape financing options, so you don’t have to wait to get started!) 

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Barrington Plant Care

Often, much attention is paid to our lawns and hardscaping, and our plants go neglected. Apex Landscaping offers plant care services for Barrington residents. If you take the time to buy plants for your landscaping, you must care for them to reap the rewards of your investment. Our team will help you keep your plants healthy. We will care for your outdoor plants and keep them in excellent condition, so you don’t have to buy new ones each season.

Book Barrington, IL Landscaping Services with Apex Landscaping

We are ready to meet any needs you have for your Barrington home. If you are ready to engage our services for your Barrington home or business, call us at (847) 847-1505 or email us at today!

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