Highland Park Landscaping

Highland Park Landscaping

Apex Landscaping offers the best professional landscaping services for Highland Park. Whether you have a home or a business in Highland Park and need beautiful landscaping, our team is ready to help. Our full-service landscaping company offers all the Highland Park landscaping services you need to beautify your property. From landscape maintenance to landscape design and even snow removal, we do it all. We can help you design your ideal backyard, install a fire pit, or revive your dead lawn after Chicago’s brutal winter. Learn more about the wide range of landscaping services we offer in Highland Park!

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We Create the Best Landscaping in Highland Park

Are you craving a new landscape design? Did you just purchase a new home in Highland Park, and you need some help with your landscaping? Or are you hoping to install a fire pit like your neighbors down the street have so you can host social gatherings? Whatever you need for your Highland Park property, Apex Landscaping is ready to help.

Highland Park Residential Landscaping Services

Highland Park homes are beautiful. Many homeowners invest in decorating the inside of their homes, but what about the outside? Boost your curb appeal and create a yard that is not only beautiful, but you can actually enjoy, with our residential landscaping services in Highland Park. From revamping your patio to increase your home value to giving you ideas to help your yard appear larger, we have the landscaping expertise you need.

Highland Park Commercial Landscaping Services

Every Highland Park business needs to look its best. We offer the best landscaping services for Highland Park commercial properties. Our company is the best landscape design option for your business in Highland Park.

Landscaping Design in Highland Park

Are you ready to finally create your dream outdoor living space? We are the best landscape architects in Highland Park. Our landscape designers will work with you to design, install, and maintain your backyard, front yard, or side yard.

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Landscape Maintenance in Highland Park

Our services do not end with simply designing and installing your landscaping. Your landscape is an ongoing process, which is why we offer landscaping maintenance services in Highland Park. When you utilize our landscape maintenance services, you never need to worry about mowing on the weekend, pulling weeds, or spending any other time on the general upkeep of your yard.

Lawn Care in Highland Park

Are you struggling to keep your Highland Park lawn green and lush? Our lawn care experts can help. Chicago’s weather can wreak havoc on your grass. Excellent lawn care involves much more than just mowing your lawn. We also offer lawn treatments, mulching, leaf removal, and any other services necessary to keep your yard looking its best year-round.

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Why You Should Choose Apex Landscaping for Your Highland Park Home or Business

Apex Landscaping has been in business in Highland Park and the surrounding suburbs since 1991. We are a full-service landscaping company that offers all the services Highland Park property owners need. There is a reason we are a top local landscaping company. We know and understand the needs of Highland Park homeowners and business owners like yourself.

Snow Removal in Highland Park

Winter is hard enough in Highland Park without having to pick up a shovel and clear your own driveway. Get a winter wonderland at your Highland Park home or business this winter with Apex Landscaping’s snow removal services. We offer a full snow management program to help you keep your property clear of dangerous ice and snow all winter long. Our snow removal includes 24/7 emergency services, so even if a snowstorm hits in the middle of the night, you won’t have to worry about being late in the morning.

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Highland Park Landscaping Services

Any Highland Park property can benefit from the expert landscaping services we offer at Apex Landscaping. When you work with Apex Landscaping, you are getting the best. We have experienced and expert staff to help you with all of your Highland Park landscaping needs. We can build a brand-new brick paver patio or walkway or if you need assistance with tree removal, give us a call today. We are with you from the beginning to the end of your landscaping project.

Get the Best Landscaping in Highland Park from Apex Landscaping

If you are ready to transform your landscaping and get the yard you have always wanted, it’s time to work with us at Apex Landscaping. We offer the best landscaping solutions in the Chicago area, including Highland Park. Contact Apex Landscaping at (847) 847-1505 or email our team at info@apexlandscaping.com to book a consultation so we can begin landscaping your Highland Park property.

Benefits of Highland Park Landscaping Services

Every property owner in Highland Park can benefit from professional landscaping services from Apex Landscaping.


Keep Your Grass Healthy

Do you want to keep your grass healthy and beautiful from January through December? Then you need professional landscaping services. We know all the best ways to keep a lawn healthy. 


Save Yourself Time and Work

If you are currently spending your weekends weeding, mowing, and planting, give us a call. Landscaping is a lot of hard work. Apex has professional landscapers and equipment so you can save yourself the time and effort of working on your own property. 


Get the Most Beautiful Property on Your Block

Highland Park is one of the most beautiful towns in the Chicago area, and we love helping our clients have one of the most beautiful properties in town. 


Get the Best Use of Space

Whether you want to create an outdoor space for entertaining, or you want to add some beautiful local plants to your yard, our team helps you design a property that you will love to use every single day. Ultimately, our landscaping design rests in the needs and wants of our clients. You tell us what you want, and we will help you build it. Our team will help you maximize your yard

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Highland Park Plant Care

Often, much attention is paid to our lawns and hardscaping, and our plants go neglected. Apex Landscaping offers plant care services for Highland Park residents. If you take the time to buy plants for your landscaping, you must care for them to reap the rewards of your investment. Our team will help you keep your plants healthy. We will care for your outdoor plants and keep them in excellent condition, so you don’t have to buy new ones each season.

Book Highland Park, IL Landscaping Services with Apex Landscaping

We are ready to meet any needs you have for your Highland Park home. If you are ready to engage our services for your home or business, call us at (847) 847-1505 or email us at info@apexlandscaping.com today!

We Offer Our Services To Commercial And Residential Customers

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