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Landscaping in Evanston

Apex Landscaping provides the best landscaping in Evanston, Illinois. We deliver professional landscaping in Evanston, lawn care in Evanston, and snow removal in Evanston. If you are looking to transform your landscape, you have found the right company to do it. We offer the full range of landscaping services for Evanston residential and commercial properties. If you want to keep your property looking spectacular all year long, you need Apex Landscaping. Get the best landscaping with Apex Landscaping.

We Offer the Best Landscaping in Evanston

Perhaps you just bought a new home or business in Evanston. Or maybe you have had your Evanston property for a long time, but have a long list of landscaping projects on your to-do list. If you are looking for professional landscaping services, you can stop your search. Apex Landscaping is the best landscaping company serving Evanston. From regular landscape maintenance services to keep your yard beautiful, to installing hardscaping like fire pits and pergolas in your backyard, we offer all the services you need to keep your property beautiful all year long.

Residential Landscaping Services in Evanston

Apex Landscaping offers high-quality, expert residential landscaping services for Evanston homes. Evanston is known for its beautiful homes, and we help you create and maintain a beautiful landscape for your property. Many homeowners invest in professional interior design, but what about landscape design? Chances are, more of your neighbors are seeing the outside of your house than the inside, so don’t neglect it. Apex Landscaping specializes in creating gorgeous landscaping for all properties. We are there with you from design consultation to design development and installation.

Commercial Landscaping Services in Evanston

We offer Evanston commercial landscaping services so you can focus on running what’s going on inside your business and not worry about mowing your property’s lawn and keeping it looking professional. Apex Landscaping works with commercial properties from small businesses to large corporate campuses and even colleges and universities.

Hardscaping Services in Evanston

Your Evanton landscaping is about more than just your grass and plants. Our landscaping encompasses your entire outdoor living area. Many homeowners opt for something extra with their landscaping. Apex Landscaping offers all the hardscaping services. We can install all different types of features, including: 

  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Fireplaces
  • Pergolas 
  • Brick Paver Patios, Walkways, and Driveways
  • Water Features and Ornamental Ponds
  • Landscape Lighting
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Landscape Maintenance Services in Evanston

There are several benefits of full-service residential landscape maintenance. Beautiful lawns and yards don’t just happen. If you are wondering why your neighbor’s yard looks better than yours, chances are the answer is professional landscaping maintenance services. Our landscape maintenance services focus on keeping your yard clean, safe, healthy, and of course, attractive. If you invest in a gorgeous landscape design for your property, it is important to maintain it. Otherwise, you are simply wasting your money. Our team will help your lawn look its best from summer to winter.

Other Landscaping Services We Offer in Evanston

Apex Landscaping also provides all the other landscaping services you might need in north suburban Evanston, including: 

  • Turf Aeration 
  • Turf Healthcare
  • Plant Care
  • Lighting Installation 
  • Fire Pit Installation 
  • Water Feature Installation
  • Brick Paver Patios and Driveways  

Do not hesitate to contact us about other landscaping services you might need for your home or business. We are ready to help you do whatever it takes to beautify your property.

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Tree Care in Evanston

Evanston is full of plenty of beautiful trees, which is why we offer tree care services. Your trees require care. Our certified tree care team uses their expertise to determine if a tree needs to be removed. We specialize in maintaining and caring for your trees.

Snow Removal in Evanston

At Apex Landscaping, we do more than just provide the best landscaping in Evanston. We all know that those cold winter winds blowing off the lake are no joke. We also offer snow management services for Evanston residents and business owners. We will ensure that your home or business is clear of snow, as quickly and completely as possible, all winter long. We can also help you with any of your other winter needs for your landscaping.

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Get the Best Landscaping in Evanston

Check out this before and after of one of our happy clients’ outdoor spaces to see how we can help you design the backyard of your dreams. If you want the best landscaping services, call Apex Landscaping today. We also serve the surrounding areas including Arlington Heights, Glenview, and the rest of northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and Chicagoland. You can call us at (847) 847-1505 or email us at info@apexlandscaping.com today to get started.

Benefits of Professional Evanston Landscaping Services 

There are several benefits to investing in professional landscaping services, including: 


Get a Great Return on Your Investment

Apex Landscaping always offers our services at a great price. Even if you think your dream landscaping or hardscaping project is out of your budget at the moment, that might not be the case. At Apex Landscaping, we don’t want you to have to wait to complete that landscaping project. That is why we offer landscaping financing options to our clients. You can get our dream project done by turning it into affordable monthly payments. Or, we will work with you to fit your budget. 


Increased Curb Appeal 

Get the best-looking property on your block with our landscaping services. You will increase both the curb appeal of your home and also potentially your property value when you invest in professional landscaping services from Apex Landscaping.


Save Time and Money 

Landscaping is hard work. (Take it from the pros who know!) Don’t waste your weekends working and weeding on your lawn when you could be enjoying it instead. Invest in professional landscaping services from Apex Landscaping and take back your weekends. Kick back and hang out on your beautiful property. 


Evanston Plant Care

Often, much attention is paid to our lawns and hardscaping, and our plants go neglected. Apex Landscaping offers plant care services for Evasnton residents. If you take the time to buy plants for your landscaping, you must care for them to reap the rewards of your investment. Our team will help you keep your plants healthy. We will care for your outdoor plants and keep them in excellent condition, so you don’t have to buy new ones each season.

Choose Apex Landscaping for All of Your Evanston Landscaping Needs

We are a family-owned and operated company in business since 1991. Let us bring our expert care and knowledge to your landscape and give us a call at (847) 847-1505 or email us at info@apexlandscaping.com.

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