Before and After

Before and After Landscaping

Our client wanted the perfect place to spend time with family and friends, an outdoor space they could use to entertain. With the help of the design and build team here at Apex Landscaping, we were able to give them just that. 

The before and after pictures of this landscape transformation are remarkable, to say the least. 

Landscaping Design

The main ask from our client was to have different areas within the space, but have it still be cohesive. Our design team was able to bring that to life with this unique plan which incorporated brick pavers, a fireplace, and carefully placed retaining walls, with in-wall lights. With all of these elements, Apex was able to provide our client with four seating areas that offer different atmospheres when used separately, or have the ability to be joined into one when larger crowds are present, as you can see here.


Finished Design

We finished this design and completed the build by adding the surrounding landscape to the patio exterior. As evidenced here in this overhead photo, various shrubs and bushes were planted alongside the retaining walls to give more privacy and bring the design together.

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If you are looking to redo your yard, call Apex Landscaping today and talk to one of our reps, (847) 847-1505. Apex wants to help you make the most of your outdoor space!

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