Landscaping in Chicago

Landscaping in Chicago

Do you need beautiful professional landscaping in Chicago? Apex Landscaping offers the best landscaping services in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We are a full-service landscaping company that offers not only landscaping, but also Chicago landscape design, lawn care in Chicago, and snow removal in Chicago. Whether you want a brand-new fire pit installed or simply want to hand off all mowing and shoveling duties to professional landscapers, Apex Landscaping is the best local landscaping company for you. Whether you’re downtown, on the North Side, South Side, or West Side, Apex Landscaping is ready to serve you with the best Chicago landscaping.

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Get the Best Professional Landscaping in Chicago

Apex Landscaping provides both residential and commercial landscaping. Whether you are a Chicago homeowner or business owner looking for top-tier, creative, reliable landscaping services, we are the answer. We have a professional landscaping team made up of some of the best custom landscapers in the area. Our team specializes in landscape design, builds, maintenance, and lawn care in Chicago to help you create and maintain the outdoor space you dreams.

Chicago Landscape Design Services

Chicago landscape design is an art. Whether you live in Hyde Park or Lincoln Park, make a statement with your landscape design with Apex Landscaping. An excellent landscape design doesn’t just have a significant impact on the aesthetic appeal of a home, but also on the function of your outdoor space. Some Chicago homeowners prefer an outdoor space for socializing with friends, while others wish to create a small outdoor oasis away from the bustling city filled with beautiful plants and flowers.

Whatever your desires for your Chicago landscaping are, the expert landscapers at Apex Landscaping can help you. Generally, our landscape design services are focused on helping you maximize your yard and make the most of whatever outdoor space you have on your Chicago property. Perhaps you need helping designing a way to make your yard appear larger if you have a small backyard.

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Snow Removal in Chicago

Removing snow is always a chore, but it’s even tougher in the city. Chicago got more than 48 inches of snow in the winter of 2020. What is your current snow removal plan? If it isn’t a professional snow removal service, hire Apex Landscaping for all your snow management needs. Our team has the necessary equipment to provide quick and reliable ice and snow removal in Chicago for your home or business after each and every snowstorm.

Residential Landscaping in Chicago

Whether you recently bought your Chicago dream home or your home’s landscaping could use updating or refreshing, call Apex Landscaping today. Our team will visit your property to observe and evaluate your space and hear your goals for landscaping. Then we will work with you to create the landscaping of your dreams for your Chicago home. After all, while not everyone sees the interior of your home, many people see the exterior on a daily basis.

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Commercial Landscaping in Chicago

As a Chicago business ourselves, we understand how every commercial property in Chicagoland can benefit from professional landscaping services. Make your business stand out and look more welcoming to clients with professional landscaping services from Apex Landscaping. Our team works with all types of businesses, including apartment complexes, HOAs, office buildings, retail stores, churches, schools, and more.

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Lawn Care in Chicago

If you are lucky enough to have your own patch of grass within Chicago limits, it’s important to take care of it well. Or, you can let the lawn care professionals at Apex Landscaping handle your lawn care for you. Our lawn care services go far beyond simply mowing your lawn. We can fertilize your lawn, perform weed control and turf aeration services, and more.

Chicago’s volatile weather can wreak havoc on your lawn, plants, trees, and more. Our landscape maintenance services can keep your property looking healthy and beautiful all year long, from the drab January days to the hottest July days. Our landscape maintenance services include beautification, mowing, lawn fertilization, garden cleanup, and more.

Reasons to Hire Professional Landscapers in Chicago

There are several reasons to invest in expert landscaping services for your Chicago property:

Get a Professional Look

Professional landscaping is the best way to achieve a beautiful look for your Chicago home or business.

Save You Time

It’s much easier and more time efficient to hire professionals rather than try to take on a landscaping project yourself, whether it’s large or small.

Best Tools and Materials

Professional landscapers have the right tools and can choose the best materials for your new project. From landscaping fabric to landscaping stones or even a brand-new fire pit, our team has the expertise to help you get what you need. We also complete all projects using our own professional Apex Landscaping equipment.

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Other Landscaping Services We Offer in Chicago

Whatever landscaping services you need in Chicago, Apex Landscaping can help. Our other Chicago landscaping services include but are not limited to:

  • Plant Care
  • Turf Healthcare
  • Turf Aeration
  • Lighting Installation 
  • Fire Pit Installation
  • Water Feature Installation 
  • And more. 

From backyard lighting ideas to make your patio shine so you can enjoy those beautiful Chicago summer evenings to helping you choose the right decorative stone for your patio, our team can help you with any and all professional landscaping needs you might have.

About Apex Landscaping

Apex Landscaping has been bringing expert knowledge and skilled landscaping care to the responsible and environmentally conscientious property owners of Chicago since 1991. Our team is always kind and always on time. Our core values are respect, understanding, stewardship, and performance. We are always kind and always on time.

Get the Best Landscaping in Chicago With Apex Landscaping

Whether you need to transform your Chicago property’s landscape entirely, you just need some assistance maintaining your landscaping, or you want to pack away your mower and snowblower for good and let the professionals help you, call us today at (847) 847-1505 or email our team.

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We Offer Our Services To Commercial And Residential Customers

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