What Is Landscape Maintenance?

Landscaping is one of the best things you can do for your home. It makes your home look more beautiful and adds another unique design aspect. However, once landscaping is complete, that isn’t the end of the work. You must take time to care for your beautiful landscaping job because it needs upkeep to remain clean, healthy, and attractive. Almost anything that exists outdoors needs to be cleaned and kept up. One thing people don’t always get from their landscape designer is the information they need for their landscape and maintenance to keep their yard pristine over the years. Sometimes after only one winter, people regret their beautiful landscape and maintenance. So, what does landscape maintenance include? How do you know how much to do to keep it looking beautiful? Every landscape and maintenance need is different, but we can help you understand the basics!


What Does Landscape Maintenance Include? 

So, what does landscape maintenance include? Depending on your yard, you may need more work to keep it up. Any greenery like grass, trees, flowers, shrubs, and other plants will need yearly, if not monthly, upkeep. Other features like stonework and pathways will require maintenance but less often. If you are considering adding new landscaping designs, always talk to your designer about upkeep! Also, living in the Midwest means that leaves fall in the winter, snow falls all winter, and much of the spring cleaning will include cleaning up the yard. Here are some essential things that landscaping maintenance includes: 


If you have grass, you know that mowing is essential. Mowing can be tedious and more complicated than it seems, especially if you have a big yard. Before mowing, walk around and pick up any debris, like rocks and sticks. After a few weeks, a lawn can grow too high and look shabby. You should also aerate your property every year if you can! One of the best things about contracting for landscape maintenance services is that you won’t have to worry about trimming your grass every week or two weeks! Most other landscape maintenance is less frequent. 

Edging and Trimming

Trimming your lawn differs from mowing. You can’t always reach the edges, or you can’t go right up to the sidewalk. There are often plants that grow up and need to be trimmed back. 

Leaf Removal/Cleanup

After a long winter, every yard needs a little care. Snow tends to leave dirt and other debris in the yard. If left alone, these can attract pests and rot. Consider hiring landscape maintenance services.


Much depends on the types of flowers and plants you grow in your yard. Flowers are either annual or perennial. Annual plants live for only one growing season. Then you will need to replant them. Perennials regrow yearly, so you won’t have to worry about planting them again. Knowing which flowers you selected in your landscaping is essential to replant the annuals and not just wait for them to grow again. Mulching is also important to keep your soil filled with nutrients so your plants can remain healthy throughout spring and summer. It also protects them and helps them regrow after a harsh winter. You need to know this information for your landscape maintenance, so your plants can survive and thrive! 

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Pest Control

When you have a beautiful yard and landscape design, you want to spend time outside! Nothing ruins that more than bugs. Pest control helps eliminate the bugs that harm plants and cause problems. In the spring and summer, you want to enjoy your outdoor living space

Weed Control

One of the most time-consuming and frustrating chores around the yard is weeding. Most people wait until the weeds are noticeable to remove them, making it a much more agonizing process. Landscape maintenance services can help prevent weeds and get rid of them when they see them. Weeds are difficult to be rid of, as they can sometimes grow back, even if you spray or remove them by hand. Take care of your lawn by removing the weeds regularly! 

Upkeeping Features

Your other features, like concrete barriers, rock pathways, and metal fencing, still need care. You may need to power wash or clean these every year to keep them from falling into disrepair or looking dirty. For example, if you have concrete in your yard, it could end up with a stain or look dirty. Power washing can help it look new! In places with high humidity, stone or concrete gets grungy more quickly, so pay attention to the fixtures in your yard. 

Winter Services

Landscaping services aren’t just for summer. You may need assistance with snow removal or cleaning up your yard after a storm! If you can keep your lawn clean during the winter, it will be much easier when spring rolls around. 

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Landscape Maintenance Services

Keeping up the landscaping in your yard can be a lot of work. That’s why paying for landscape maintenance can be such a relief! You can select plans that work best for you or even get help with big or complicated jobs. This can save you so much time and work. Your landscaping is something you want to stay beautiful forever, so make sure it stays that way! Contact us at Apex Landscaping for a quote on what maintenance services we can best provide, and keep your home and yard looking beautiful year-round.

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