Wilmette Landscaping

Wilmette Landscaping

Are you ready to update or upgrade the current landscaping at your Wilmette property? Apex Landscaping is proud to offer both residential and commercial landscaping services to suit all of your landscaping and maintenance needs. Serving Wilmette, surrounding Chicagoland, and areas of southern Wisconsin, Apex is your one destination for all landscaping design and build aspirations to leave you with a beautiful yard or patio space you’ll be proud to host all of your outdoor parties and other events on. Apex Landscaping offers all the skilled landscaping services.

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We Offer the Best Landscaping in Wilmette

If you’re looking for the best residential or commercial landscaping company in the Wilmette area of Chicago, you’ve come to the right place! There’s nothing better than being able to truly enjoy and relax in your outdoor spaces with quality, lasting landscaping elements. Apex Landscaping does it all with the lasting quality you can’t match anywhere else. When you need landscaping in Wilmette, deciding on a landscaper can be a big decision, but we make it easy. Our team can bring the best Wilmette landscaping services to your unique property with all the options you need to achieve and keep yard, patio, and garden spaces always looking their best.

Residential Landscaping in Wilmette

Your Wilmette home can use the experienced touch of our professional landscapers. Our goal is to build your landscaping to meet your needs. The best residential landscaping services focus on what you want out of your yard. Our custom landscaping services for Wilmette homes begin with a design consultation, including a site observation and evaluation, and a conversation about what you want and how you wish to use your outdoor space. Finally, we design and install your dream landscaping. 

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Commercial Landscaping in Wilmette

Homes aren’t the only properties that can benefit from expert landscaping services. Apex Landscaping also offers commercial landscaping services for Wilmette. All of the services we offer, from landscape design to landscape maintenance to snow removal, are available for commercial businesses. We serve commercial businesses including retail locations, corporate buildings, churches, schools, office buildings, HOAs, and all other types of commercial properties. Hire Apex Landscaping to create and maintain a gorgeous landscape for your Wilmette business. 

Get the Best Lawn Care in Wilmette

As the area’s best landscaper, Apex Landscaping also offers lawn care in Wilmette. Our team offers a range of vital landscaping services for area residential and commercial properties. Keep your lawn areas looking tidy and lush all year long. From planning watering zones to weed control for unique area weeds taking over your lawn and garden areas, we have you covered. We help ensure that your lawn stays healthy with fertilization and other offerings to ensure your grass has all the nutrients it needs to thrive. We can meet all of your needs for lawn care in Wilmette. Some of our quality lawn care services include:

  • Turf Aeration
  • Water Pit Installation
  • Turf Healthcare
  • Fire Pit Installation
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Do You Need Assistance With Snow Removal in Wilmette?

Do you need snow removal in Wilmette? The winter season can be a challenging time for a resident or business owner in the Chicago area. We offer the best snow removal in Wilmette and surrounding areas, including options for 24/7 emergency services and comprehensive ice and snow management to suit your needs. We offer a wide range of removal and management services whether you have a residential or commercial property. Our experienced technicians provide dependable, quick, and reliable ice and snow removal in Wilmette to keep your family and customers safe. Some of the benefits of Apex Landscaping snow removal include:

  • Professional Equipment
  • Uninterrupted Mobility
  • Injury Avoidance
  • Increased Safety
  • Decreased Liability

We Offer Plant Care in Wilmette

If you’re also looking for specific plant care for your area plants, Apex Landscaping also offers landscaping services for the trees and other ranging plants on your property. We provide personalized tree care services in Wilmette to satisfy the needs of your individual tree types at different times of the year. Apex Landscaping is also a certified tree care provider, so there’s no one better to provide attentive care and assistance to the different trees on your property. Our plant care services in Wilmette include:

  • Emergency Tree Care
  • Storm Damage Care
  • Soil Fertilization and Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Drought Services
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Wilmette Landscape Maintenance Services

Our quality blend of landscaping services doesn’t stop after a given landscaping build or installation at your property. Every garden or yard needs routine maintenance to last through the ranging weather of each season and actively thrive in its location at your home or business. Wilmette and surrounding areas of Chicago can face a wide range of unpredictable temperatures and weather conditions at different times of the year. Don’t let these fluctuations wreak havoc on your lawn and garden spaces. Let us help your landscape stay looking its best with regular landscaping in Wilmette, including upkeep, cleaning, mowing, and watering.

Wilmette Landscape Design

When you want a yard or patio space that really stands out in the Wilmette area, our team is ready to help. Whether you have a home or business, we offer design and build landscaping in Wilmette. Our landscaping specialists will work to design and build the outdoor landscape you’ve been dreaming of, whether you want a brand-new fire pit, gazebo, outdoor kitchen, or ornamental pond. We will be with you every step of the way, from your initial design consultation and preliminary design requirements to the design development and final reveal. Our team also offers both 2D layouts and photorealistic 3D renderings to truly bring your design dreams to life.

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Landscape Builds in Wilmette

Apex Landscaping can help you achieve the perfect outdoor living areas, with many options to suit your unique needs and aspirations. Our experienced landscapers can build different gorgeous hardscaping elements throughout your yard, garden, and patio spaces for a truly original look and feel you’ll love spending time in. Every property can benefit from the skillful touch of qualified, caring landscapers. Just a few of the quality hardscaping options we can offer your home or business in the Wilmette area include:

  • Pergolas
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Brick Paver Walkways, Driveways, and Patios
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Ornamental Ponds and Water Features
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • And more!

Other Landscaping Services We Offer in Wilmette

Apex Landscaping offers all the landscaping services you might need to keep your Wilmette property looking perfect at all times. We offer: 

  • Fire pit installation
  • Turf aeration services
  • Outdoor lighting installation 
  • Pond installation 
  • Retaining wall installation 
  • Shoreline restoration 
  • Brick paver walkways and patios 
  • And more. 
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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscaping Company in Wilmette

There are several reasons to choose Apex Landscaping to handle all of your Wilmette landscaping needs. 

We Work for Your Satisfaction 

Our priority is your satisfaction. Every homeowner is different and has different needs. We don’t just provide cookie-cutter landscaping services. We serve each of our clients individually. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result of your landscaping project in Wilmette. 

Increase Your Property Value

Professional landscaping is a worthwhile investment because it can help boost the value of your property. 

Improve Your Own Enjoyment of Your Home

Yes, our services can help boost your home’s property value. But they can also help you utilize your landscaping in a way that makes it easier for you and your family to enjoy your property. 

Maintain Your Beautiful Landscaping All Year Long

If you want to maintain a beautiful landscape from the Fourth of July through the New Year, you need our landscaping maintenance services. Our team takes care of your landscaping needs all year round. 

Friendly Team 

At Apex Landscaping, we take pride in our friendly nature. Your family will love working with our team of local, efficient, competent landscapers. 

Apex Landscaping is the Best Wilmette Landscaping Company

Apex Landscaping has been serving the residents and business owners of Wilmette with skilled landscaping care and expert knowledge since 1991. Our team is always responsible, attentive, and kind to the environmentally conscious and caring property owners of Chicago and southern Wisconsin. The core values we serve by include understanding, performance, respect, and stewardship. Listening to and respecting our clients, employees, and vendors while focusing on and integrating trends and advancements are all a part of our offerings to the community.

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About Apex Landscaping

Apex Landscaping has been bringing expert knowledge and skilled landscaping care to the responsible and environmentally conscientious property owners of Arlington Heights since 1991. Our team is always kind and always on time. Our core values are respect, understanding, stewardship, and performance. We are always kind and always on time.

Get the Best Landscaping in Wilmette

When you’re looking for quality, reliable landscaping, including snow removal and lawn care in Wilmette, Apex Landscaping is always the right choice. Nothing can compare to the care and experience you’ll find with our team of expertly trained and highly qualified landscapers!  Contact us today to book an appointment at (847) 847-1505 or info@apexlandscaping.com

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