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Landscaping in Deer Park

Apex Landscaping offers commercial, residential, and maintenance landscaping services for Deer Park. Are you looking for unique, revolutionary landscaping for your Deer Park property? Then you need Apex. We are the right partner to help you transform and design your property. Our full-service landscaping company serves clients throughout the Chicagoland area. We also offer extra services you might not know about, like lawn care in Deer Park, snow removal in Deer Park, and landscape maintenance in Deer Park. Contact us today to learn more about our expert landscaping in Deer Park. 

We Provide the Finest Landscaping in Deer Park

Apex Landscaping provides the best landscaping services for Deer Park residents and business owners. Our landscaping company has been providing professional landscaping services for properties throughout Deer Park and Chicagoland since 1991. If you want to revamp your outdoor space and turn it into a place you can really enjoy, make an appointment with us today. From tips for how to maximize your yard to adding a fire pit to increase your home’s value and provide a centerpiece for your backyard or even tips for how to create edible landscaping, our team can provide you with all the landscaping expertise you need. 

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Deer Park Landscaping Services

Apex Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company, which means we offer every service you might need for your property’s outdoor space. Get the best landscape design, builds, and maintenance in Deer Park with Apex Landscaping. The landscaping services we offer in Deer Park include: 

We offer our full range of services for every home and business in the Deer Park area. Learn more about our residential and commercial landscaping services. 

Residential Landscaping in Deer Park

The best residential landscaping services are focused on the needs and desires of the homeowner, which is exactly what we focus on at Apex Landscaping. While some of our clients want a space for hosting parties and other social gatherings, other clients want to create a private backyard refuge. Our team will meet with you and listen to your needs for your property. Our residential landscaping services for Deer Park begin with a design consultation and a site observation, then work begins! We will work with you to create a yard that is ideal for you and your family.

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Commercial Landscaping in Deer Park

In addition to working with Deer Park homeowners, we also serve commercial property owners in the Deer Park area to beautify and improve their landscaping. Some of the many types of businesses we work with are retail stores, office buildings, churches, HOAs, and various types of commercial properties. Our team ensures that the exterior of your property looks well-maintained and professional every day for your clientele. 

Hardscaping Services for Deer Park Homes and Businesses

When you think of a landscaping company, you might only think of basic landscaping services like planting, mowing, and raking. Apex Landscaping offers so much more than just those. Our team can create a wide variety of hardscaping options to help you cultivate an outdoor space that is both functional and enjoyable. Your hardscaping consists of the driveways, walkways, and patios that complete your landscaping. 

Choose from our wide variety of hardscaping options at Apex Landscaping, including:

  • Brick paver patios, walkways, and driveways 
  • Lighting installations 
  • Fireplaces and fire pits 
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Ornate wooden structures and pergolas 
  • Water features

Do you have another type of build in mind for your Deer Park property? Give us a call today. We love creating brand-new projects for our clients. We know that each and every one of our clients is unique with different needs for their property.

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Lawn Care in Deer Park

Do you want to have the greenest yard in Deer Park? Then you need our lawn care services for Deer Park. You don’t have to go to another company to find one that will tend to all your lawn care needs. Our team has the ability and equipment to handle all of your lawn care needs. Make your lawn the greenest on the block with zero effort from you with our expert lawn care team.  

Snow Removal in Deer Park

Apex Landscaping offers snow removal services in Deer Park. The winter in Deer Park and the surrounding suburbs can be a hard time dealing with ice and snow. Don’t try to do it on your own. Let the snow removal experts at Apex Landscaping handle the hard job of clearing your property of snow and ice. 

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Landscape Maintenance in Deer Park

Our job is not over when your landscape design is complete. Your property needs routine landscape maintenance in order to look its best all year round. Landscape maintenance is much more than just mowing. We offer premier spring-to-fall upkeep to keep your yard in excellent shape. 

Deer Park Plant Care

Sometimes, homeowners pay a lot of attention to their yards but end up neglecting their plants. Are some of your plants struggling to survive? Or do you want to create a luscious green garden? We offer plant care services in Deer Park. Our team specializes in helping you choose the right plants for the local climate that also fit with your landscape design and aesthetic.

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Reasons to Invest in Professional Landscaping in Deer Park

There are several reasons to choose Apex Landscaping for all of your landscaping needs in Deer Park.

Get Your Time Back

Don’t waste your weekends mowing, planting, and pruning. We will help you free up your weekends with 

Get the Best-Looking Property

All of the best-looking properties in Deer Park and elsewhere invest in professional landscaping. Only expert landscapers can achieve that manicured, beautiful look. Apex Landscaping is the premier landscaping company in your area. 

Financing Options Available

Apex Landscaping offers financing options to help you get your dream project done by turning a large purchase into affordable monthly payments. 

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About Apex Landscaping

Apex Landscaping has been bringing expert knowledge and skilled landscaping care to the responsible and environmentally conscientious property owners of Arlington Heights since 1991. Our team is always kind and always on time. Our core values are respect, understanding, stewardship, and performance. We are always kind and always on time.

Get the Best Landscaping in Deer Park with Apex Landscaping

If you are ready to get the best landscaping in Deer Park, contact the Apex Landscaping team today. We are licensed, certified, and looking forward to working with you. Call us at (847) 847-1505 or email us at today. 

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We Offer Our Services To Commercial And Residential Customers

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