November 2021 Newsletter

Ready For Snow!
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Last month, we started getting ready for our upcoming snow season. We kicked it off with our yearly snow meeting where we went over snow and equipment safety.

Our meeting provided hands-on demonstrations with our newest equipment and other company policies. We are excited and ready for the new snow season to start!

Be on the lookout for our freshly rebranded bobcats – coming to a neighborhood near you!

New Video! Fall clean up, Click here to watch!


What to expect for November!

Expect the weather to start dropping, as it is forecast to be in the 50s or below all month. Time to start getting your winter clothes out! We are looking to get some rain and that could potentially turn into snow depending on the weather. The normal amount of snowfall for Chicago in November is 1.8 inches, so anything could happen this month!

Do not forget this Sunday, the 7th, at 2 AM, is the official “fall back” back time! Set those clocks back so you can regain the hour lost in spring!

Be on the lookout for the moon’s partial eclipse! The eclipse will begin on November 19th, at 12:02 AM, and by 3 AM will reach its peak red.

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