New and Improved



Welcome to Apex’s new and improved website! This year, as we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we couldn’t think of a better way to share with you our accomplishments over the course of our history, and our vision for the future.

Apex Landscaping has been in business since 1991! Using as cube van for the first few seasons as, well, everything (office, transport, equipment storage, etc.), Apex purchased it’s first truck in 1995 and hired it’s first employee in 1996.

In 2003, Apex moved into a space in Northbrook which allowed the company to house bulk material, and provide room for additional growth. Over the course of the next 4 years, Apex grew to 22 trucks, 10 crews, and 4 full-time staff members.

In 2007, Apex moved again and by 2008, Apex Landscaping grew to a full-service landscaping company, including overseeing large-scale landscaping construction projects. Then by 2011, Apex Landscaping purchased an 11-acre site in Hawthorn Woods, allowing continual growth.

Today, Apex runs a full-service snow management, landscape design, and landscape-build operation. Apex Landscaping’s fully-equipped team has over 200 years of combined experience, making our team experts in culminating your commercial and/or residential property all year round! Reach out and let us know what project you’re thinking about, and let us help you bring your dream to reality! Also, check out our special financing offer!

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