Apex’s Key to Success: Taking Care of Every Client

Now that the temperatures make the soil too cold to plant, the grass has stopped growing for the season, and the snow fills our yards, Apex will take this opportunity to evaluate and reassess the past season, prioritizing and tweaking procedures and processes we will keep utilizing moving forward. We pride ourselves on the training we provide to our employees, the high-quality work that we perform, and the relationships we build with our clients throughout the year. Once again, this past year has shown us that the reason we have been so successful as a business is primarily due to repeat clients, and the referrals that they provide. Apex has been in business for over 30 years now, and it is all thanks to our clients, and it is our job to make sure we let them know how much we appreciate them and their valued input! 

Our clients understand that they are the key to our success. We prove this daily by providing superior services with the single goal to meet or exceed their expectations. Every member of the Apex team, from administration to sales to construction to our maintenance crews, wants to provide everything anyone could ever want in a landscape plan, and more! We want to provide the very best experience possible, and we have honed our skills over the past 30 years to make the experience as worry-free for our clients as possible. 


How We Know We Measure Up

  • We ask! 

At the end of each job, and the end of each season, we send out a survey to our clients. We want to know about their specific experiences with our team. Our clients know best if we have been thorough, dependable, skilled, prompt, and available throughout their experience. We ask for feedback on things we are succeeding in, but also ask for insight into areas in which we could improve. 


  • We listen!

Based on our clients’ suggestions and feedback of their personal experiences, we discuss ways of adjusting procedures and processes, or implementing new methods to ensure a better chance to succeed. We address any areas that need improving and we work with our team members to ensure that any concerns are resolved. We provide training and implement new technologies to ensure that our service is par excellence. 


  • We intentionally thank our clients! 

To ensure that our clients feel valued, we reach out to personally thank them for their business. Whether it be via a thank-you card, a phone call from the sales manager or owner, or a small token to thank them for their business, we make sure that each client receives our message of gratitude. Without their business, and referrals to friends and family, we would not be where we are today. 

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