How to Properly Seed Your Lawn 


When spring and summer roll around, we all want lush green lawns to show off to our neighbors, friends, and family. No one wants a crumbly brown property that impresses pests more than it does people. The best way to achieve your green yard goal is through landscaping. Lucky for you, properly seeding your lawn…

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Creating a Beautiful Front Yard

front yard maintenance 2

If you want your front yard to be a welcoming destination for passersby, consider creating a beautiful front yard where people can sit and enjoy the view. Enhancing your landscaping can be as straightforward as adding front yard seating areas and flower beds around your house. But for an awe-inspiring curb appeal, take things to…

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Creating an Intimate Backyard Design

residential landscape design

Steps to Create an Intimate Backyard Design Outdoor living spaces can be beautiful, unique, and intimate. There are many ways to design your backyard to create a living space that extends from your home and lets you enjoy nature and fresh air. While creating the perfect backyard design takes time, it can be affordable. Adding…

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How to Maximize Your Yard

Embrace your surrounding scenery: Maximizing the scenery you already have in your yard will make it feel much larger. To do this, you’ll want to use similar plants and trees that blend in with the existing landscaping. If you have plants visible from your neighbor’s yard, you can also incorporate them into your own landscape.…

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How to Make Landscape Timbers Last Longer

backyard Landscaping Timbers

Making Your Landscape Timbers Last Longer Natural landscape pieces can face a range of stressors from different outdoor elements. Natural decay, rot, termites, other wood-destroying pests, and harsh weather are just a few of the stressors that can wreak havoc on your outdoor pieces and threaten the integrity of your landscape timber. However, there are…

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Prevent Dead Grass in Your Lawn

grass during drought

How to Prevent Dead Grass in Your Lawn This Summer We all look forward to summer in the Chicagoland area — except, perhaps, for our lawns. Summer can be a stressful time for your lawn! Between the heat and sun beating down, water deprivation or over-watering, and pests, your lawn can take a real beating…

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Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Lawn

stone light 5

Top Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Lawn From a Professional Landscaper Everyone wants a healthy, beautiful lawn area around their residential, commercial, and community spaces. But, many may not know how to start. There are some specific top tips and tricks for a healthy lawn from a professional landscaper that can bring your lawn…

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