Best Tree Services in the North Shore

garden worker trimming decorative tree

Are you looking for tree services in the North Shore? Your Illinois or Wisconsin property may need tree trimming or tree removal services. Cutting branches off of growing trees may seem contrary to the point of growing them. However, it is a vital part of curating overall tree health. You should think about tree trimming…

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Can Landscaping Increase Home Value?

sold home flowers

If you’re in the market to sell your home soon, you want to sell it for the highest possible price. Selling your home for top dollar can be pretty tricky, though. You have to deal with understanding local market trends, making innovative home improvements, and, most of all, negotiating with buyers. You might hear about…

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Landscaping for Mental Health: How Nature Can Improve Well-Being

peaceful rock garden

You might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of health benefits to gardening and landscaping. There’s a reason that a well-maintained landscape makes people feel better than a messy or unkempt one. Humans have been gardening for thousands of years. Of course, the purpose of gardening at first was simply practical. People planted…

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Before and After

before and after

Before and After Landscaping Our client wanted the perfect place to spend time with family and friends, an outdoor space they could use to entertain. With the help of the design and build team here at Apex Landscaping, we were able to give them just that.  The before and after pictures of this landscape transformation are remarkable,…

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6 Small Backyard Ideas to Make Your Yard Appear Larger

  1. Create a focal point Whether your space is big or small, creating a focal point is ideal. For smaller spaces, your focal point should be framed out and defined. This is important because it adds depth, which can ‘trick’ the eye and make areas look bigger. This can be accomplished by adding in…

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Why Landscaping and Gardening Will Transform Your Home

  WHY Landscaping and Gardening Can Transform Your Home   High-quality landscaping or gardening can take a lot of effort, time, and money. It takes an expert eye to guess what will work best for your home. Investing in your home landscaping and gardening is a move you will not regret this spring! Here are…

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5 Late Winter Tips for Your Landscaping

  5 Late Winter Tips for Your Landscaping Although temperatures in the Chicagoland area can tempt us to stay indoors, the late winter weeks we are in now are a great time to start preparing for spring’s arrival and to get your yard prepared! We have 5 tasks for you to tackle before spring has…

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Maximizing Natural Backyard Elements 

  Maximizing Natural Backyard Elements  Your outdoor spaces can be used for so many different purposes including pools, outdoor kitchens, gardening, practicing sports. Some people enjoy being active in their backyards while others prefer incorporating natural elements to create a backyard oasis. Studies have found that spending time around nature and trees can lower stress,…

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Winter To-Do List: Plan your New Backyard Landscape

  Winter To-Do List: Plan your New Backyard Landscape Winter in Chicago definitely puts a damper on a lot of our outdoor plans, but it does not have to stop you from planning the backyard landscape of your dreams. While you are cooped up inside hiding from the frigid temps, you can take advantage and…

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Green Landscaping Tips for a Lush and Eco-Friendly Landscape

  Green Landscaping Tips for a Lush and Eco-Friendly Landscape Is it possible to have a lush landscape, a beautiful lawn, a pest-free garden, and be environmentally friendly? Yes! It is not only possible, but it is relatively easy when you follow these simple “green landscaping” methods. Green landscaping is just another term for sustainable…

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