Our Landscape Management Services:

Spring to fall, we will keep your landscape looking its BEST.


  • Maintenance begins with one spring clean up visit
  • Dethatching
  • Turf Touch-up with Handrake
  • Leaves in Beds Removed
  • Soil in Beds Turned and Weeded
  • Edges Defined

Dethatching is a process which removes thatch in turf. Thatch is a build up that protects the roots from burn out and keeps the roots moist. Thatch layers should be no less than 1/4 inch and no more than 1/2 inch. This process removes thatch to keep the level within limits.


  • 4x Monthly Lawn Mowing
  • Weekly Edging

Kentucky Blue Grass is to be maintained at 2 1/2 inches in the Chicago area. When hotter, the blades may be raised to 3 inches to prevent any burn out.

June to September

  • General Maintenance Continues
  • Shrubs are Trimmed

Maintenance crews are trained to keep the shape of the previous year. Apex trims all shrubs following their flowering periods, which occur at different times. The crews only trim spring growth or growth of that year. If preferred, Apex will trim or prune anytime during the year. Following this time, shrubs are cut when needed except for evergreens, which must be cut prior to August 1 to prevent winter burn.

October & November

  • Fall Leaves Removed

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